Trust as currency..

Jeff Jarvis had this to say about trust during the Union Square Ventures session.

And so the content isn’t what’s valuable. It’s the trust and relationship that’s valuable, and that to me, in a post scarcity — what the internet does is it takes away scarcity in terms of both content and distribution, and it changes the value essentially to trust. So the friction is still there. The friction isn’t “I own the content and you don’t.” The friction is, “You’re going to keep good content? Okay, then let’s talk.” It’s a different friction, a different value, but that’s essentially what we’re going towards…..So relationships and trust becomes a new structure.


This insight is critical. The value of community and reputation are what is next on the net. Communities in civil society are at the core of society – the kniting group, the local congregation, the soccer league, the group that takes care of the local creek each Saturday…. where regular folks are in relationship with each other. I have great hopes that some how these groups can figure out the web and because of the new incredible value of ‘relationship’ use it for the good of their community.

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