Past Talks

Kaliya speaks to a variety of audiences about user-centric identity. She also has facilitated many of the leading industry conferences about user-centric identity. These are listed below the talks.


TEDx Constitution Drive: The Identity Spectrum


Talk at Personal Digital Archiving Conference

February 22, 2012

TEDxBrussels: Participatory Totalitarianism

November 22, 2012

Personal Data Ecosystem – NSTIC Privacy Workshop


Us, Our Organizations and the Evolving Social Web presentation for the Nonprofit Technology Enterprise Network.

Internet Identity Workshop 10 Opening Talk – Looking at the History of the user-centric Identity community.

I spoke at Community 2.0, on Identity Across Communities – Tools for Making it Real. May 13, 2009 San Francisco, CA

This presentation will cover the core user-centric identity technologies that are emerging to support people being able to port their identifiers and information about themselves between websites. The goal is to make it easier for people to share information along with support the emergent social effects like trust that come from persistence across time and space and ultimately build stronger communities faster. The tools include OpenID, Open Social, Information Cards, The Relationship Button from Project VRM (Vendor Relationship Management).

I modified this same presentation for the Online Community Research Network phone presentation in August.

I spoke at the Oxford Internet Institute symposium on Global Legal and Policy Frameworks in Identity Management.

I facilitated a Peer 2 Peer session at the RSA security conference April 23,2009 10:40-11:30 on the topic Claims-Based Identity – What is the Business Case?

The user-centric identity community has been working on information cards an open standard for claims based identity architecture (as opposed to a network end-point architecture). The big question that arises is “what is the business case?” This session will be an open discussion around the existing and potential business models and cases for such a meta-system to emerge.

I facilitated a SXSW panel about OpenID, Oauth and the Enterprise with Joseph Smarr, Bob Blakley and Danny Kolke the CEO of Etelos.

The debate over identity, data and authentication is gaining ground in the social networking world. The more difficult discussion regarding enterprises and Web 2.0 has yet to start. Businesses realize that they must protect the data of their company, employees and customers. Join brave leaders from several Web Application companies that are beginning the discussion – Are OpenID and OAuth good for the enterprise?

Presented at the Nonprofit Software Development Summit, November 29, 2008, Oakland, CA.

Presented at Kids Online: Balancing Safety and Fun, November 14, 2008, Mountain View, CA.

MassTLC Innovation 08, October 2, 2008, Boston , MA.

Presented at Forum One Online Community Unconference June 18, 2008, Mountain View.

Net2 Conference, June 28, 2008, San Jose

Identity Talk at Net Squared 2008

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Presented at Forum One Online Community Unconference East February 21, 2008 New York, NY.

Presentation about Identity Commons at the Internet Identity Workshop, December 3-5, 2007, Mountain View, CA.

Identity Commons IIW2007B

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Presented at Forsight Institute Vision Weekend, November 3-4, 2007 Sunnyvale, CA.

Presented at ShesGeeky October 22-23, 2007Mountain View, CA.

Gnomedex August 7-9, 2007, Seattle WA. Was selected MVP voted on stage from the audience.

Super Nova, Do you know where your Identity Is? panel, June 20, 2007, San Francisco.

Where is Identity

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Online Community Unconference June 6, 2007, Mountainview, CA.

Interneational Telecommunicaitons Union Focus Group on Identity Management, May 16-18, Mountainview, CA

Mix 07, April 30, 2007, Las Vegas, NV.

Digital Identity @ Mix07

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Interneational Telecommunications Union Focus Group on Identity Management April 23-5, 2007, Geneva.

Museums and the Web, Closing panel, April 14, 2007, San Francsico

Museums, Identity and the Web

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Community 2.0March 11-14, Las Vegas NV.

South by Southwest Interactive March 9-13, Austin TX.

O’Reilly Emerging Telephony February 27-March 1 2007, Berlingame CA.

Nonprofit Software Development Summit Febuary 21-23 2006, Oakland CA.

Recent Changes Camp Feb 1-4, Portland.

Mobile Identity Workshop January 26, San Francisco, CA

Ruby on Rails Camp November 9, 2006, San Jose, CA

Office2.0October 11-12, 2006, San Francisco, CA

Won Award atDigital Identity World, Septmber 11-13, Santa Clara, CA

Foo CampAugust 25-27, 2006, Sebastepol

Green Digital Be-In April 22, 2006 San Francisco, CA

NTEN – Nonprofit Technology Conference March 22-24, 2006 Seattle

MooseCamp(at Febuary 10, 2006, Vancvouver, Canada

(at Open CMS and Blogging Tools Summit February 7-9, 2006, Vancouver, Canada.

Recent Changes Camp February 3-5, 2006, Portland, OR

Imaginify MetaMedia Cooperation Event, January 20 2006, Eugene OR.


Symposium on Social Architechure (at November 14-16 2005, Harvard.

Values, Vision and the Via Media (at October 13 2005, Washington CA.

Planetwork Conference June 5-6 2004, San Francico, CA


Internet Identity Workshop #10 May 17-19 2010 Mountain View, CA.

Internet Identity Workshop #9 October 2009, Mountain View, CA.

Internet Identity Workshop #8, May 18-20, Mountain View CA.

Kids Online – Balancing Safety and Fun, May 13, Mountain View, CA

Internet Identity Workshop, May 10-12, Mountain View, CA. You can see all the session notes from the conference here and download a PDF.

Internet Identity Workshop, December 3-5, Mountain View, CA

Vendor Relationship Management Workshop, Boston, July 10-11, 2008.

Data Sharing Summit 2 May 15, 2008, Mountain View, CA

Internet Identity
May 12-15, 2008, Mountainview

Data Sharing Worskshop April 2007, San Francisco, CA

Internet Identity Workshop 2007b (#5)December 3-5, Moutain View, CA.

Identity Open Space, September 26, 2007 San Francisco CA.

Data Sharing Summit August 2007, Richomnd, CA

Internet Identity Workshop , May 14-16, 2007, Mountainview, CA

Identity Open Space April 26-27, 2007, Brussels

Helped Facilitate The Identity Society Meeting Feb 19, London.

Facilitated part of International Telecommunicaitons Union Focus Group on Identity Management,
Feb 13-16, Geneva.


Hosted Identity Gang Dinner at RSA Febuary 7th, San Francisco.

Internet Identity Workshop 2006b December 4-6, Mountainview, CA

Identity Open Space, Sept 11, Santa Clara, CA

Identity Open Space July 20-21, 2006, Vancouver, Canada

Facilitated part of Berkman Conference on User Centric Identity and Commerce, Cambridge, June 19-21, 2006.

Internet Identity Workshop May 1-3, 2006, Mountain View, CA.

Internet Identity Workshop evening of Identity Speed Geeking at the Emerging Technology Conference January 25, 2006.

Interent Identity Workshop October 26-27 2005, Berkeley CA.