Brand Identity Matters – Apple to Benifit from MS losses

The thing I love about identity as a perspective to look at the world is that it shows up so often. Apple could double Market share on MS Defections.

Consumers are so distrustful of Microsoft that Apple could double its market share due to defections from the Windows operating system, a report by market analysis firm Forrester Research says.

The remarks come in a report that looks at brand identity and the importance of a company’s brand. The report also studies the effect a company’s brand has on the pricing of its products and the demographics of those that purchase the products.

This article says what I have sensed for a while. This coming back to school and Holiday season could mean big increases in Apple’s market share. For one thing Vista has slipped to January, if you need to do something on Windows, Apples will soon boot that OS so you can do what ever you need to in legacy land.

In the end it is the personal computer – not the corporate machine. People need to be able to get along with and bond with their computers in a personal way. You can do that with a Mac.

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Clarity in Blogging – What do you want from me.

I would like to ask you all a question – What do you want and need out of my blogging? This morning I have been writing relatively short context sensitive posts.

One person has contacted me and tole me that they ‘have no idea what I am talking about’ and there are not enough links to create context. I am at Mix06 – in case that wasn’t obvious. The Microsoft live web conference.

What kind of posts do you like best? What do you want more of? should I wait till the end of the day at a conference and post all at once? What works? Thanks for your feedback.

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If it weren’t for flickr…

I am at Mix06 and it seems that I missed a Vegas moment at the show. This relates to my experience this morning I was treated to women serving men cocktails while gambling in the lobby of the conference hotel and my hotel wearing nothing but bathing suits with skirts. Perhaps this was in jest. None the less I still wonder why the need to bring out a woman in such an outfit when there are so few of us actually in the audience and it just reinforces less then ideal objectified frames around around female sexuality.

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Down with Buddy lists….

Mobile Jones

Jazz, an application that provides audio messaging to yet another circle of friends. More invites….more buddy lists….

There were so many identity silos at the etel.

Each phone handset has one for address books -

  • Motorola,
  • Nokia

Telecom Incumbents

  • Orange(france telecom),
  • British Telecom

Cool “apps”

  • YackPack

The Incumbent internet players

  • ebay/Paypal/skype [PESk]
  • Yahoo!
  • Google (using Jabber)
  • Microsoft