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Next week Thursday August 22nd is the Personal Cloud Meetup in San Francisco. It will be hosted at MSFT.  If you want to get connected to the community it is a great way to do so. Here is where you register. 

In September I’m heading to Europe for the Digital Enlightenment Forum September 18-20th. I’m excited about the program and encourage those of you in Europe who might be reading this to consider attending. We are doing a 1/2 day of Open Space (what we do at IIW) where the agenda is created live at the event.

October 1-2 is Identity North in Toronto and Vancouver. I’m working with Aran and the other organizers again. The first day will be curated talks and the 2nd day will be Open Space (what we do at IIW) where the agenda is created live at the event.

I’m heading to Investing with a Gender Lens Convergence in CT.  Topic that I’m bringing there is Gender and Big Data.

I’m considering plan to spending the week of October 7th in Boston and/or New York. If you think this is a good idea and want to meet with me or make something happen out there this week let me know.

NSTIC’s next IDESG Plenary is the week of October 14th in Washington, DC.

Then its the Internet Identity Workshop October 22-24th in Mountain View.

The next thing on my calendar is a tentative dates in December for the UnMoney Convergence December 10th.

Then in the new year its She’s Geeky! at the end of January.

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