Lets try going with the Mononym for Google+

Seeing that Google+ is approving mononyms for some (Original Sai, on the construction of names Additional Post) but not for others (Original Stilgherrian Post Update post ).

I decided to go in and change my profile basically back to what it was before all this started.  I put a  ( . ) dot in the last name field.  In my original version of my google proflile my last name was a * and when they said that was not acceptable I put my last name as my online handle “Identity Woman”.

So just now as I did put a ( . ) for a last name I was told that a ( . ) didn’t meet the real names policy and I could appeal so I did. There is no text field where you can explain yourself –  you can only submit your “Identification Documents” and “Links” to prove your identity.  This lack of ability to actually communicate/talk in a human way with the people who are making these decisions is really alienating. I did put a link to this blog post so we shall see.

I really don’t want to use or need a last name. I have yet to meet any one with my name IRL (In Real Life) and it is very uncommon. If you search for Kaliya in Google. I am all over the front page as Identity Woman along with the mythical Hindu sea serpent that I share a name with.

I refuse to headline my “real” last name it is not “mine” and identify with it as an “other” name.  I am fine with it being on my drivers license and passport but it is not what I want at the top of MY PROFILE in Google at the heart of the social web as it relates to “me” the “real me” not the one on my legal paperwork.

At the heart of User-Centric identity is the freedom to choose one’s name and this choice of mine is mine to make not Google’s. We shall see how this goes over.

Here is my next posts about:

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  1. says

    I feel exactly the same. Back when I was on Facebook, I had to make up a surname in order to sign up, and subsequently some people assumed it was real, including one or two editors who added the fake surname to articles I’d written. I didn’t want this, but I couldn’t be part of the system at all unless I came up with something – although I did see a few people on Facebook with mononyms, and I still wonder how they managed that. At the minute I’ve got an underscore in the surname field of my Google account, but it’s not my primary email address, nor do I ever want it to be, given the way they’re going about things.

  2. me too says

    Having the same issue with all websites. How am I supposed to show online links when none of them accept mononyms. Has anyone figured out the solution? Do let me know. I want to use it for official purposes


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