Internet Identity Workshop May 18-20

We have opened registration for the 8th Internet Identity Workshop! May 18-20th in Mountain View California.

There are a few things that are different this time around….

We have a shinny new website/blog!
Thanks to Mary Ruddy, Stas Zubalevich and Pam Dingle for helping make it happen.

We are using eventbrite to do registration – and we will be displaying the names of those who are registered.

We are asking questions as you register about what you hope accomplish /talk about at IIW and publishing them.

We have responded to the economic times and lowered the price for the first month of registration (a $50 discount for independents and a $75 for everyone else).

We have an early registration goal of 75 people by the end of the month.

We are starting on Monday morning with a hands on introduction to identity technologies and we will being participant generated sessions at 1pm on Monday.

Demo’s – community sharing of projects and products will happen on Tuesday afternoon.

We are being we have a sub theme that we are promoting – “what are the business models for identity” this is so that “business” oriented folks will attend and hopefully get some where answering this. (we might have some other explicit sub-themes we name as the workshop approaches and community members give feedback on key topics that are arising/need attention)

We will have a different venue for Tuesday night dinner!

Travel is cheaper then ever (so even though your budgets are lower you should be able to make it here for less).

The blog will have guest posts by community members leading up to the conference. (if you want to say something here just let me know)

We will have had the ID-Legal conference in April and will have a cool map of the gap between identity technologies and different legal lenses.

The same….
* We have blog badges for you to use in your posts – put on your blogs.

* We will have Monday night dinner at Tied House

* We will give community awards open style at the end of Wednesday. (if you want to be the wine/other gift buyer or donor let us know)

* The Avante (our conference hotel) will Rock!


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