Identity Woman Google+ Suspension Update

I checked in today …to see if I had been let out of Google+ prison. Was my profile free to speak with the rest of the prisoners or not?

Apparently not. Now I am being informed that “business accounts” will be available soon.

This is my personal  handle on account that is related to the professional side of my life. I only use my google gmail account to subscribe to PROFESSIONAL NEWSLETTERS.  So anyone seeing my g-mail address it’s “” does so on a professional context.

See the original post about being suspended last weekend & post about organizing In Real Life to resist this injustice. 

If I do “art” and if I crated an art identity it would be Kaliya Earth Waters – in a separate account, with a different e-mail.  I manage my contexts by having separate accounts.  Many many mnay people do.  People with lots of privilege don’t feel it is worth the cost (time effort) / benefit trade off to do this. Many people from the who is hurt by real names policies do find the cost worth the benefits .

I already have an unconference site and sort of persona…without the cute handle ending – maybe I should work on that for that context.

I don’t plan on “friending” my friends form Highschool here in google, or friends from college or the Canadian National Water Polo team- thats what Facebook is for and I don’t use it much cause I don’t trsut them much. My “identity” as Identity Woman is the only one that is really relevant here in google+.

I am wondering what to do? Should I have you all leave comments that say yes – she is Identity Woman? Or ask for blog posts affirming this identity.  Thoughts welcome.



  1. Herbert Damker says

    I fully support your position that everyone who has *personal* reasons to use a pseudonymous persona within social network should be able to do so.

    But your case seems for me to be a little bit different. You are stating that your handle “Identity Woman” is your professional self. On your business card (sic!) this handle is in the same place where other persons have their company name. So what’s wrong with the statement from Google that they are launching “profiles for business and other entities later this year”? Many businesses and organizations are eager for entering Google+ … and i hope that Google would handle this in a sensefull and responsible way, considering also philantrophic organisations.


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