Identity Panel at Mix07

We had a great panel at Mix07 Microsoft’s Developers Conference. It was moderated by Marc Canter, with Kim Cameron, Scott Kveton and myself.

We opened with a context setting presentation (up on slideshare) that I put together to help get us started.

Marc hammered the point home that Single-Sign-On was not ‘enough’ we all agreed.

We talked about security issues and how CardSpace was one option to address the challenge of phishing.

We talked about how Authentication (SSO) was different then data sharing and how we need to figure out how people connect data between different sessions.

I said we needed “myAPI” so that we could let people conntect their data and not give away their username and password to connect stuff up (like they have to do today).

Marc said that the IIW was just a talk fest that he would not go to. I pointed out that the IOS in Brussels last week OpenID and ID-WSF

Marc criticized Facebook for the terms that they release face-book data under saying it could not be shown to anyone except Facebook members. The Facebook guy stood up and said that he was misinterpreting the meaning of it – what it really said was that if a user had certain people who could see different things those preferences needed to be respected.

Marc got down on his knees and apologized while singing the end of an aria – it was very entertaining.

We also got to hear about Sharks and Toasters. Many people are afraid of sharks but more people die every year because from using a toaster but no one is afraid of toasters.

Over all it was a great session. Thanks to all who participated.

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