Help co-create the Data Seder

Here is how I put forward the idea to a friend…

Me: Hey, so you know about Passover?

A: Yes, there is a meal… and its a jewish holiday

Me: Yes, its a religious service over a meal to retell the story of the jews escaping from Slavery in egypt 1000’s of years ago.

It is a celebration of Freedom.

We are uptdating it for the contemporary struggle to free our data.

We want to raise consciousness about current data practices through a modern version of the Seder Meal

Join us on our mailing list (and soon on the wiki)

I am also going to be seeking input from leaders of multiple faiths about what their tradition has to say about identity and data rights in the digital age. Feel free to contact me if you know a faith leader we might approach for such a statement.

There will be a physical seder in Oakland – but we are hoping the service we develop can happen all over.



  1. Sameya Helen Gewirtz says

    Came to hear about this project from a friend, Joseph.
    I am the Director of Jewish Congregational Learning in the East Bay, am an experienced Jewish educator (with multiple degrees) and I write Passover programs, seders, etc. I am fascinated by this project and would love to be involved/a resource any way I can.

    So far, I find this fascinating 😉

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