Gender Matters in CS & Tech & The World

I don’t need to say much. This graphic from the New York Times explains it simply  Computer Science and Engineering are getting worse for women and have been for 10 years. These industries are where law and medicine were in the 50’s and 60’s.  I share this fact with people from other industries and they look at me funny and say “really” – YES really. They have believed the myth that technology is a a meritocracy and really progressive.

This declining graph is one why I founded She’s Geeky – running an unconfernece for really diverse women in Science Engineering Math and Technology was something I could proactively do (and not just complain) to make a difference. All those women who are graduating need to be retained and the women who are not formally trained need networks with those who are and we have to weave a mesh of interconnectedness. Women’s involvement in how the future of technology is shaped is VITAL not just for its own sake but for the world’s sake.

Have been invited to give a “TED like talk” for the International Women in Digital Media Summit it will touch on gender issues in this industry  by drawing attention to what is not getting built into the identity layer of the web as it evolves – persona and context management tools at the core of all machines for all users regardless of gender. Without these we are not going to have dignity in digital societies.



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