G-Male is a Good Listener, Maybe too good.

Ok, now we know what is wrong :) Google is on the [autism] spectrum.

“The obstacles primarily exist in the realm of social interaction. The fundamental problem is akin to blindness, as the term social blindness suggests.”

They keep doing well meaning but awkward feeling things because well they know how to technically but it isn’t how human beings act or want to be treated.

The complexities of communication can pose significant problems, especially since people with Aspergers are high functioning. Others do not readily recognize Asperger details and are unable to understand some responses, or lack thereof.” – Love to Know Autism

This might be the deeper underlying reason they don’t get the issues with having “Real Names” only on G+. Google just needs help growing self awareness and gaining greater awareness of the impact they have have on others particularly Neuro-Typicals (people not on the autism spectrum).

The video highlights that data can be creepy if we don’t have agency and control over who, collects it, how they collect it, for what purpose they collect it for, what they can infer from it. This is why we have to grow the personal data ecosystem for people to be at the center of their own data lives.


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