Xerox mining who you are by what you browse

From Slashdot..

“Xerox has filed a patent covering a technique to recover demographic information like your age, sex and perhaps even your income by analysing the pattern of web pages you browse. They want to license the technique to online advertisers and shops. Read the full patent here.

Anyone know someone from Xerox. Sounds like they should be at the IIW learning about ‘real’ relationships.

New Newsreader Needed -Help

I have been using NetNewsWire since I began reading blogs. The trouble is that it is WAY SLOW. Does anyone have a not slow client side mac RSS reader they like?

I can’t stand what I have now it takes like 5 seconds to move from one post to the next. I know I have a lot of posts – cause I am keeping way more posts then I actually read. I do this cause so far there are not good engines that let me search small slices of the blogosphere well. So saving them on my computer seems like the way through.