Beyond Identity Theft – Location Theft

Ross Mayfield posits at barcamp there could be a phenomena called location theft.

When talking about this and he shared that this would apparently this already happens with DodgeBall in NYC. The founders of the company would do that so that they would not get swarmed

Poking around I found reference to it but with a different meaning.

Identity Theft Protection from ReliaCredit.

One of the best ways to protect against identity theft is to monitor your protection report. By signing up with a credit monitoring service you will be advised whenever anyone obtains access to you protection report or when new accounts are opened, this provides substantial location theft protection. Any unusual activity or the opening of new accounts or other unauthorized protection inquiries will, raise a red flag and allow you to contact a creditor or other law enforcement agency to stop or prevent any ongoing fraud. Identity theft is a criminal act punishable under federal or state law.

Hunting for the Glory of God

Hunting unto the glory of God also demands that we must have a high measure of ethics. Ethics goes beyond the written hunting regulations. It may be legal, but is it ethical? Hunting on public land gives you the legal right to set your hunting stand wherever you desire. Is it ethical to set your stand at a location you have heard about, where another hunter claims he has seen deer? Unfortunately, I have witnessed what I would call location theft. If we are going to hunt unto the glory of God, we must ask God to grant us a greater understanding of ethical conduct and to practice His ethics.

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