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Next week Thursday August 22nd is the Personal Cloud Meetup in San Francisco. It will be hosted at MSFT.  If you want to get connected to the community it is a great way to do so. Here is where you register. 

In September I’m heading to Europe for the Digital Enlightenment Forum September 18-20th. I’m excited about the program and encourage those of you in Europe who might be reading this to consider attending. We are doing a 1/2 day of Open Space (what we do at IIW) where the agenda is created live at the event.

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Interesting events in 2013

This is a calendar of events that I know in 2013 (and beyond). I think their interesting, I’m currently planning attending all the events in , I’m helping co-organize all the events with RED headlines. Some events will change from interesting to attending as they approach.
Cloud Computing Workshop and Big Data Forum, Gaithersburg, Maryland, January 15 – 17, 2013
Strata Online, DataWarefare, January 22
State of the Net Conference, Washington DC, January 22 – 23, 2013

Online Community Manager Meetup link  San Francisco, January 23th 

The core of this community are some amazing people who I really love and share the professional practice of doing community management online. Randy Farmer, Gail, Susan Tenby [personal hero for testifying before congress pro-social good use of second life and pro-nym and then having that picked up by the Daily Show, ] Bill Johnston, ,

Cloud Security Alliance, Bay Area, January 24th

* Streams, Gardens, and Clouds: Visualizing Dynamic Data for Engagement, Education and the Environment: A CITRIS Data and Democracy Event to Celebrate Data Innovation Day link, Berkeley, January 24th

She’s Geeky!!!! link Bay Area – Mountain View, January 25-27

I am super excited about this year – we have the amazing Kas Nettler executive producing and

* CFP Mini Conference in DC, January 28th
Green Data Center Conference, San Diego, January 29-31
* Research Exchange talk by Tim O’Reilly at CITRUS, January 30th

Personal Cloud Evening in San Francisco, last week in San Francisco

Working with Johannes
Computers, Privacy and Data Protection, Brussels, January 23-25


Community Leadership Summit linkSan Jose, 

Van Riper

NSTIC IDESG Face to Face, Phoenix, Feb 5-7

First of all you can register here – this will be the 3rd
Lift Conference, Geneva, Feb 6-8

European Identity Workshop, LINK, Vienna, Feb 12-13

Personal Digital Archiving, Maryland, Feb 21-22nd
Wisdom 2.0, February 21-24th
Future of  Banking Summit, Paris,  Feb 26th
Strata Conference, Santa Clara, Feb 26 – 28th,

RSA Conference, San Francisco, Feb 25 – 29th

* Network & Distributed System Security Symposium,  San Diego, Feb 25-27,
Hosted by the Internet Society
 *  Public Interest Environmental Law Conference PIELC, Eugene, Feb 28 – March


* Economist Technology Frontiers: Humans and Machines, London, March 5 – 6th
Computers Freedom and Privacy, Washington DC, March 5 – 6th
IAPP, Washington DC, March 6 – 8th
SXSW Interactive, Austin, March
GigaOm Structure, NYC, March 21-22
* UnLike us #3, link, Amsterdam, March 22-23
  1. Theory and Critique of ‘Social’
  2. Are you Distributed? The Federated Web Show
  3. Political Economy of Social Networks: Art & Practice
  4. Mobile Use of Social Media
  5. Facebook Riot: Join or Decline
Ideas Economy: Innovation 2013, Berkeley, March 28th
Redefining the Speed of Business


Harvard Leadership Program with YGLs, link, Cambridge, April 2-12th

Cloud Connect,  Silicon Valley, April 2 -4
White Privilidge Conference, April 10-13, Seattle
Nonprofit Technology Conference, Minneapolis, April 11 – 13th
HOPES, Eugene, April 4 – 6th
TEDx Berkeley, April 20th
Future of Money and Technology, link, San Francisco, April ? 

UnMoney Convergence, link, San Francisco, April ?

* Social Venture Network Spring Conference, San Diego,  April 25-28th


Internet Identity Workshop #16, Mountain View, May 7-9

European Identity Conference, Munich, May 14-17
The product
WWW 2013, Rio de Janeiro, May 13 – 17


YGL Summit Mayanmar, and WEF East Asia link June 2 – 7 

* TERENA, TNC2013, Maastrich, Netherlands, June 3 – 6
Ideas Economy: Information 2013,  San Francisco, June 4 – 5, 2013
Democratization of Big Data
Personal Democracy Forum, NYC,  June  6 – 7
Cloud Expo, NYC, June 10-13
As advanced data storage, access and analytics technologies aimed at handling high-volume and/or fast moving data all move center stage, aided by the cloud computing boom, Big Data Expo is the single most effective event for you to learn how to use you own enterprise data – processed in the cloud – most effectively to drive value for your business.A recent Gartner report predicts that the volume of enterprise data overall will increase by a phenomenal 650% over the next five years.
Smart Cities, London, June 11-12
Indie Web Camp, Portland, June 22 – 23,
Open Source Bridge, Portland , June 24-26,
Aspen Ideas Festival, Aspen, June 26 – July 2


ePIC European ePortfolio, London,July 8-10
Cloud Identity Summit, link, Napa, July 8 – 12
Hollyhock Invitational, link Cortez, July 
Open Source Convention, Portland ,July 22 – 26
BlogHer, Chicago, July 25-27


Blackhat, Las Vegas, July 27 – August 1
DefCon, Las Vegas, August 1 – 4
Burning Man, Nevada, August 26 – Sept 2
Art Theme:  Cargo Cult


dConstruct, UK, Sept 5 – 7
Indie Web Camp, UK, Sept 8th
Digital Enlightenment Forum  link, ___, September
Biometrics Consortium Conference, Tampa, September 17-19th
* Web of Change, link, Texas Hill Country, Sept 18-22,
 * DataWeek, link, September 28 – Oct 3


* Money 2020, Las Vegas, October 6-9
* Bioneers
* New Yorker Festival
Interent Identity Workshop #17, link, Mountain View, October


 * 88th IETF Meeting, Vancouver BC, Nov 3-8
* Identity Next, The Hague, November 19-20


Chaos Computer Congress, link, Germany, ~ Dec 27-29
* 89th IETF Meeting, London, March 2-7, 2014,
* WWW 2014, Seoul, April 7-11, 2014
* TERENA, TNC2014 Dublin, Ireland May 19-22, 2014
* 90th IETF Meeting, Toronto, July 20-25th 2014
* 91 IETF Meeting, Hawaii, Nov 2014
* 92nd IETF Meeting, Dallas, March 22-27th, 2015
* 93rd IETF Meeting, Prague, July 19-24, 2015
* 94th IETF Meeting, Japan, Nov 1-6, 2015

European Workshop on Trust & Identity in Feb

I’m going to Vienna in Febuary to work with Rainer and Marks on an event they are pulling together (and invited me to help with).

The European Workshop on Trust and Identity 

February 12-13 in Vienna.

Registration is here.

Internet identity, identity federation and personal data online are complex, continually evolving areas. The event is inspired by similar events such as the Internet Identity Workshop(external link) in California, Identity North in Canada, and Identity Next in the Netherlands, with a focus on European perspectives and initiatives. At EWTI participants will seek deeper understanding, and better solutions to challenges like:

  • Technology. Developing feasible and open standards.
  • Trust Frameworks. Establishing new paradigms and policy sets.
  • Usability. How can users navigate different identities and understand their data?
  • Economy. How can identity services fit into businesses requirements and opportunities for all stakeholders?
  • Interoperability. On which levels and areas is interoperability necessary or feasible? This is a cross-cutting concern for technical, legal and business views.
  • Deployment and operation. How can different options be supported and exploited in the best way, given the whole range of places and devices.
  • EU project challenges. The European Commission’s projects related to trust and identity like STORK and eID regulation are landmarks on the roadmap. How do other actors relate to and utilize those projects?

Besides discussing specific topics in the above areas, there will also be plenty of opportunities for networking among solution providers and seekers, startups, investors and technology pundits. EIW provides a place where skilled people from a wide range of functions and projects in the identity ecosystem gather and work intensively for two days. The unconference format puts into the foreground what is important for the participants. How much attention topics receive is driven by active participation. Results will be collected and published at the and as proceedings. After the brief introduction on the first day there are no formal presentations, no keynotes, no panels. What happens then? We will make the schedule when we are face to face the first day of the conference. We use a method called Open Space Technology to support unconference where the topics most important to the participants that day are discussed. How much attention topics receive is driven by active participation. This supports a self-organized and self-responsible group unleashing the great creativity and passion of the participants. Results from sessions will be collected and published at the end as proceedings.

Communicate Across Initiatives

There are numerous IDM-related efforts and projects in both private and public sector. EIW is a place for direct talks skipping hours of time-consuming powerpoint presentations. Take the opportunity to form the contents yourself!

Next Events in early 2013

I’m working on a few key focused things this year (more on that in the next post). One of them is being more proactive in posting where I am going to be.
This post has events of three types for the next 2 months.
Black BOLD: Will be attending
Red BOLD italics: Helping to Organize and will be attending/leading
* Interesting I wish I could go – not likely too.
I’m also sharing below that events I know I will be attending for the rest of the year – the interesting event post for the rest of the year.
* Cloud Computing Workshop and Big Data Forum, Gaithersburg, Maryland, January 15 – 17, 2013
* Strata Online, DataWarefare, January 22
* State of the Net Conference, Washington DC, January 22 – 23, 2013
NymRights Meeting at SudoRoom, Link, Wednesday January 23rd
Discussing the development of a Name Policy, generally AND put it forward into the NSTIC conversation

Online Community Manager Meetup link  San Francisco, January 23rd 

The core of this community are some amazing people who I really love and share the professional practice of doing community management online. Randy Farmer, Gail, Susan Tenby [personal hero for testifying before congress pro-social good use of second life and pro-nym and then having that picked up by the Daily Show, ] Bill Johnston, ,

* Cloud Security Alliance, Bay Area, January 24th

* Streams, Gardens, and Clouds: Visualizing Dynamic Data for Engagement, Education and the Environment: A CITRIS Data and Democracy Event to Celebrate Data Innovation Day link, Berkeley, January 24th

She’s Geeky!!!! link Bay Area – Mountain View, January 25-27

I am super excited about this year – we have the amazing Kas Nettler executive producing. There are a bunch key topics and conversations I want to have including about

  • NSTIC – and getting involved for regular folks
  • Nym Rights,
  • Transgender Identity Issues Online,
  • Community and Conference Diversity including educating allies,
  • Considering possibility of doing healing circles in hacker/technical comunities.
* CFP Mini Conference in DC, January 28th
* Green Data Center Conference, San Diego, January 29-31
* Research Exchange talk by Tim O’Reilly at CITRUS, January 30th

Personal Cloud Evening Link in San Francisco, last week in San Francisco

Working with Johannes, Adrian, Adam along with PDEC members coming in from out of town Phil Windley and Drummond Reed.  It looks like an exciting line up.
* Computers, Privacy and Data Protection, Brussels, January 23-25


Community Leadership Summit linkSan Jose, 

Van Riper is the Community Leader – community leader.

NSTIC IDESG Face to Face, Phoenix, Feb 5-7

First of all you can register here – this will be the 3rd. I’ll write more soon about NSTIC
* Lift Conference, Geneva, Feb 6-8

European Identity Workshop, LINK, Vienna, Feb 12-13

I’m working with Rainer Hober and Markus Sabedello to put this Unconfernece on. I’m really excited about it.
* Personal Digital Archiving, Maryland, Feb 21-22nd
* Wisdom 2.0, February 21-24th
* Future of  Banking Summit, Paris,  Feb 26th
* Strata Conference, Santa Clara, Feb 26 – 28th,

RSA Conference, San Francisco, Feb 25 – 29th

* Network & Distributed System Security Symposium,  San Diego, Feb 25-27,
Hosted by the Internet Society
 *  Public Interest Environmental Law Conference PIELC, Eugene, Feb 28 – March


Harvard Leadership Program with YGLs, link, Cambridge, April 2-12th

Future of Money and Technology, link, San Francisco, April ? 

UnMoney Convergence, link, San Francisco, April ?


Internet Identity Workshop #16, Mountain View, May 7-9


YGL Summit Mayanmar, and WEF East Asia link June 2 – 7 


Cloud Identity Summit, link, Napa, July 8 – 12
Hollyhock Invitational, link Cortez, July 



Digital Enlightenment Forum,  Europe, September 16-18,


Interent Identity Workshop #17, link, Mountain View, October



Looking Ahead to 2013

The month of January I’m spending at home in the Bay Area and focused on a few key things:

  • Working with Phil Wolff and Jean Russell on key systems for the Personal Data Ecosystem Consortium with an emphasis on the Startup Circle, Personal Cloud Gathering around the country, Educational Seminars and preparing to launch the Open Protocol Wire (to track all the open protocols relevant to the emerging space).
  • Doing year long planning and business development for the Unconference design, facilitation and production company with Bill Aal, Jennifer Holmes and Jean Russell.
  • Visioning how all the interests and themes I have been engaged with in my life’s work are woven together in this coming year – a few more posts will follow to share current ideas/reflections.
The year will include:
  • Focusing on my personal human form sustainability and happiness.
  1. Including making space for bodily healing and regeneration
  2. moving and exercising
  3. growing my relationships with my chosen family
  4. spending quality and extended time with good friends
  5. making time for my art
  6. creating a beautiful and nurturing home environment
  7. having time to think and be away from home
  8. completing life homework (paperwork) that has been put off to long
  9. consciously connecting to my spiritual self
  10. reflecting and connecting with my ancestors and sharing more about them online
  • Growing the Personal Data Ecosystem into a Thriving Community and Organization Supporting it. 
  1. Spending more time with the Personal Data Ecosystem startups and growing the number we serve.
  2. Offering Seminars to get individuals, companies and funders up to speed.
  3. Getting great informational synthesis systems in place for news updates, white papers, events etc.
  4. Developing peer educational opportunities across the ecosystem (podcasts, webinars etc).
  5. Growing the number of Personal Cloud Meetups happening
  6. Helping coordinate joint activities and conversations including engaging with governments as they look at regulation.
  7. Working with Evan Prodromo and others on making real mutli-code base, open standards based interoperable Federated Social Web.
  8. Developing some socially responsible investing SRI and Corporate Social Responsibility guidelines for technology that go beyond “is the electricity in your data center green”
  9. Figuring out how
  • Engaging with the NSTIC process including attending the Phoenix meeting in early February (you are invited too). 
  1. Working with Aestetix on the NymRights efforts within and beside NSTIC.
  2. Completing the work of the holistic picture subcommittee I lead and seeing what is next.
  3. Working on getting citizen advocates who are diverse engaged in the  process
  4. Continuing to advocate for and provide ideas about how to actually put into practice inclusive, easy to participate in processes for NSTIC that get input from a broad range of stakeholders AND create enough space for industry folks used to enterprise identity management to actually “get” that this isn’t about employee provisioning and termination.
  5. Inviting a focus within NSTIC to listening and responding to the complex system of the existing and emerging identity ecosystem rather then pursuing “plans” developed in committees of self appointed experts.
  6. Considering running again for the NSTIC Management Council seat in the elections coming up this spring.
Connecting & working with Young Global Leaders and WEF 

Summer -> Fall Talks/Plans

Today is my first talk for the summer. I am speaking at the Berkeley Cybersalon with a great cast of characters. Lost and Found on the Social Web.

I head to Europe on Wednesday; you can see the outline for that trip here: European Travel and Podcasts this Summer

I return on the 27th and speak the next day at the  SDForum Women’s SIG on the topic of Women, Identity and Data – exploring what women want in these realms. It will be interactive.

I will be travelling to Portland for the Community Leadership Summit on July 14 and 15th along with my partner Bill Aal.

I head to Denver/Vail for the Cloud Identity Summit July 16-19th and will be giving the closing Keynote with Bob Blakley on Identity and Social Justice.

The WEF Young Global Leader Silicon Valley Summit 2.0: Shaping the future of entrepreneurship and innovation is July 25-27th. You can see the outline of the program here – it focuses on Google, Facebook and Zynga. I’m hoping we can also connect with some open source and open standards efforts.

August is currently open and will likely involve a trip to/through the NorthWest (Portland, Seattle, Vancouver, Salt Spring, Hollyhock)

September is “Summer Davos” in China where there may be some programmatic activity covering the Personal Data Ecosystem.

October is the National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation national conference in Seattle. I plan to put in a proposal/workshop covering online identity and the nuances/issues surrounding it.  For those of you who have been tracking my work, this community is the world’s leading forum (+Canadian Equivalent C2D2) for truly innovative, deliberative public methods that provide the opportunity for collective wisdom to come forward.  It is these types of methods that we need to solve the “NSTIC governance” challenges relative to a complex system.  I worked with one of their leading members, Tom Atlee, founder of the Co-Intelligence Institute, on the chapter in my NSTIC response about governance.


We are working with the W3C on having the Federated Social Web Summit be the day before October 22nd somewhere near IIW.

Identity.Next in The Hague is Nov 21-22; hopefully it will have an unconference within it.

I have been invited to speak in Brussels on November 29th.


European Travel and Podcasts this Summer

I’m heading to Europe on Wednesday.  The travel plans and events are below. One of the main reasons I am going is to connect with the people and communities in Europe working on identity and personal data.  I want to come back with about 10 podcasts recorded with key people from the community that I meet along the way – these will be edited on my return and posted on the web publicly.

I will also be inviting/encouraging participation with PDEC in the two main ways we have so far to engage.

* If you are a startup or a proejct focused on how people are in charge of their personal data you can apply to be part of the Startup Circle.

* If you are in an enterprise or just interested you can subscribe to the Journal.

Please don’t be afraid to reach out and connect with me if you are in Europe or know some folks in Europe I should be sure to connect with on this trip.  txt:510472-9069  Skype: Identitywoman


  • June 7th I arrive in London and have meetings/social things
  • June 11th is an Identity, Personal Data & Personal Clouds Unconference I am facilitating and Tony Fish is organizing – You’re INVITED!
  • June 12th is the OIX Event
  • June 12-13th is New Digital Economics
  • June 14th is WEF Tiger Team Day
  • June 15-17 Netherlands
  • June 18-19 is the Digital Enlightenment Forum
  • June 20th I plan to travel to Paris
  • I might travel to Geneva..
  • June 25-27th in Berlin
  • June 27th I fly out of Berlin to SF.

Upcoming Travel and Events – March is busy!

I have made a resolution for the new year to blog more about things I am thinking about and working on along with where I will be and where I have been.

The big news from last week was the coming IPO of Facebook and the release of how the NSTIC Pilots will work [PDF]. They are going to grant 10 million dollars and the first deadline is March 7th.

So this coming month is quiet until the 3rd week. Then there is the Personal Archiving conference and an event about a new reputation system.

ID Collaboration Day is happening February 27th the Monday of RSA week. We are expecting a good group from a range of organizations. We are in the same venue as last year Blacklight Ventures at Mission and South Van Ness. IIW/Identity Commons is collaborating with Kantara Initiative and OASIS IDTrust. I suspect that NSTIC will be a major topic of conversation.


Ping Identity is having its major party on Monday evening at the ROE Night club upstairs lounge at 651 Howard starting at 9pm.

Strata is also this week – O’Reilly’s data conference. I spoke at their online conference in the summer on personal data running a good panel with a highly relevant introduction and well faciltiated panel on personal data that I helped pull together. I submitted several different proposals touching on different aspects of data and people and the technologies developing in the ecosystem. Apparently non-qualified but then O’Reilly and company are still trying to find women speakers who are qualified for their events (they talked about it at two events I facilitated/attended in January the Community Leadership Summit West and She’s Geeky in January).  I am honestly confused and didn’t submit any proposals to OSCON in part for this reason.

Then it is SXSW. I am flying out on Wednesday with my long time friend Axil who is getting of an airplane form Asia that day.  I will be there until Sunday. Saturday Mike Shwartz from Gluu is hosting what look to be good community connecting events.


Personal Data Lightning Round

Date: Saturday March 10 from 1pm – 3pm

Lunch will be served at this informal lightning round. If you want to present your product, service or project in 5 minutes, stop by and drop your name in the hat. 12-15 lucky individuals, selected at random, will get the spotlight from 1:30 – 3:00. Topics must be personal data or identity related. If you go over 5 minutes you’ll be pelted by the audience with foam icosahedron stress balls.

Identity Biergarten

Date: Saturday March 10 from 6:00pm – 8:00pm

German inspired malted beverages and other refreshments from local producers will be served at this informal identity and personal data networking event. Date: Saturday March 10 from 6:00pm – 8:00pm


Sunday I fly to London for the Gartner Identity and Access Management Conference where I will be keynoting Monday the 12th at the end of the day.  My talk is going to cover the Identity Spectrum and how Personal Data tools and services can reduce the toxic issues for companies storing personal data about people.

I fly to DC on the 13th and attend the 2nd day of the NIST-IDTrust conference on the 14th. Then the OASIS IDTrust Steering Committe has a face to face meeting on the 15th and I fly back to my home in the Bay Area.

On the 16th Friday I fly to Australia and land on the 18th Sunday in the morning. My cousin’s (my dad’s sister’s kids will pick me up and I am taking the family photos I have from our shared grandparents house down with me). I am speaking at Digital Identity World Australia on the 20th and working with Steve Wilson on an IIW like conference either on the 19th or 22nd. I am flying back on the 23rd to SFO (I so wish I could stay longer).

There is “tiger team day” just before the STL-Partners New Digital Economics event that should be a good event covering the emerging ecosystem.

Between now and then we will publish two more Personal Data Frontiers (we are thinking about changing the name to Journal) and I am working on a jointly published report with STL-Partners on the Personal Data Ecosystem Landscape.

Then…its April and the Nonprofit Technology Conference   a talk for Nuestar in a speakers series they have and I will be watching the European Identity & the Cloud Conference with interest.

IIW #14 is happening May 1-3 – early bird registration is Open. 



Heading to Europe – 4 Events + 9 “free” days

I am coming to Europe in November for four events that are all Identity related… Instead of doing an IIW “in” Europe we have decided to support IIW like events :).  I also need to find interesting things to do for 9 days in November.
Identity.Next  is in TheHague on November 9th

1/2 the day is an unconference that I am helping to facilitate. If you can make it I highly recomend it – it was a great event last year and should prove to be again this year.


Digital Death Day is happening November 11th in Amsterdam.

It is a super ineteresting topic – What happens to your Data After you Die?

Please spread the word about this event it is totally grassroots, and the conversations in this are are really amazing…if still not yet a mainstream part of the digital identity community.


I will be speaking about the Personal Data Ecosystem ( you will be happy to know there are 6 startups from Europe in the Startup Circle) at the STL Partners New Digital Economics event in London on November 10th that will be the only time I am in the UK.
I am looking for interesting things to do and people/ places to visit between November 12th and November 21st on the contenent. Drop me a line if you have ideas or invitations –

I end my trip speaking at TEDx Brussels on November 22nd about a “day deep in the future” still trying to figure out what I will say but I am contemplating…open to community ideas actually as I am focused on getting a clear vision of the talk in the next week.

OpenID Connect Tech Summit – Next Week

I got this note today from the folks at OpenID. I will be attending some of the event. If you are keen on understanding the future of this technology it is worth attending. I am actually quite positive about the user-experience and research that is informing this next generation fo the OpenID protocol and hopeful it gives an alternative for the whole web to Facebook Connect.

OpenID “Connect Tech” Summit – September 12-13, 2011

The OpenID Foundation is launching its third OpenID Summit for 2011. This event is co-sponsored by Microsoft and will be held at the Microsoft Research Campus in Mountain View.  The OpenID Foundation’s 2011 series of OpenID Summits focuses on use cases and topics of interest to key developers, executives and analysts in the online identity industry.

This OpenID summit gives web site developers and technologists a closer look at the OpenID Connect protocol, its use cases and adoption plans by leading companies. We will introduce “Account Chooser” its implementation and user experience and provide interop testing and feedback for next generation OpenID adoption.

Please join us on Monday, September 12, 2011 from 12:00 Noon until 5:00pm PDT and Tuesday, September 13, 2011 from 10:00am to 4:30pm PDT.

Registration is now open at the following link: REGISTER NOW!

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Join us for IIW – NSTIC, Nymwars, OpenID, Personal Data, and more.

Founded in 2005 by me, Doc Searls, and Phil Windley (Yes it is an odd but fun bunch), IIW is focused  on user-centric digital identity.   Registration is Open!

Internet Identity Workshop #13 October 18-20 in Mountain View

The Internet Identity Workshop focuses on “user-centric identity” and trying to solve the technical challenge of how people can manage their own identity across the range of websites, services, companies and organizations that they belong to, purchase from and participate with. We also work on trying to address social and legal issues that arise with these new tools.  This conference we are going to also focus some attention on business models that can make this ecology of web services thrive.

The NSTIC Stakeholder community has been invited.

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Please vote for my SXSW panels

30% of the panels at the SXSW conference are picked by people’s votes so please if you care about these topics and want to see them covered please Vote for Me!

Personal Data Triple Win: People, Business & Gov – Kaliya Hamlin solo short talk

Obama & NSTIC: All Your IDs Are Belong to U(S) – Kaliya Hamlin on panel with others

Let My Data Go! Open data portability standards – Kaliya Hamlin, Phil Wolff

Rules for Innovators of User Centric Personal Data – Mary Hodder panel organizer

Successful Unconference Patterns – Jennifer Holmes, Kaliya Hamlin


Emerging Themes for IIW12

One of the reasons I love IIW is that really smart people with passion can come together, discuss hard problems AND make real progress towards solving them.  This is just my take – of course the workshop will be created by the people who attend.

OpenID “The Next Generation”:

In my last post I said some things that some people associated with particular technologies may have interpreted in a way that I didn’t intend.  I said “OpenID as we know it” was dead – but OpenID itself is very much alive and making progress to the next generation of OpenID. The work led by Nat Sakimura on Attribute Binding and the proposal to do an OpenID Connect by David Recordon have merged into OpenID-ABC.   They are making steady progress led by John Bradley and Nat with active participation from Microsoft, Google and Facebook.  My hope is that some more people from independent web perspectives – hint hint Evan and Sarah 😉  can get involved too.

The OpenID Summit on May 2 will be a place where people are gathering to focus on the technology and progress will be made at IIW following.

Media, Trust and the Freedom to Comment:

Issues surfacing around the release of Facebook Comments and the “protection” they in theory give against trolls – articulated here on TechCrunch.

Facebook Comments homes in on trolling by forcing real identity, but the end result isn’t just the silencing of trolls, it’s the silencing of everyone.

I have been surprised by the number of projects surfacing about how individuals share and connect information about media.  Bill Densmore has had a project called CircLabs for a while. is a project that I just learned about that is in the research phase.


Personal Data – Legal and Technical Issues:

The buzz around various startups in the Personal Data Ecosystem is growing. Kynetx, Phil Windley’s company, has launched their new site for apps on the live web. This week TrustFabric put out Beta 3. Tara Hunt published an article about Personal Data on O’Reilly Radar.  Drummond & Joe are working on Azigo has new software out. Mydex has completed its community prototype in the UK. has a site up but is not live yet. has begun a board of trade for people’s data and lets them upload their data. Folks from the Locker Project will also be attending.

Last week was Personal Data 2.0 with many sessions about key issues – it was a great warmup for IIW and precursor for the same workshop a week after IIW in London the same day as a similar conversation at the European Identity Conference.  We are hosting Yukon Day, a day we are inviting investors to, on the third day of IIW.  There are many legal issues to be discussed around data and rights. Scott David wrote a post about why lawyers should come to IIW.

NSTIC: Making it Real

The National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace is being announced today at the US Chamber of Commerce. I wrote about why we shouldn’t freak out about it after the program office was announced at Stanford. Government leaders working on actually implementing open standards for identity login at NIH and other agencies participated in our east coast satellite event last September in DC.  This coming IIW will be a great opportunity to make progress in the dialogue about the issues NSTIC raises and to get down to the nitty gritty of implementing.



Igniting the Personal Data Ecosystem Deep Dive Workshop, April 7th in Palo Alto

Igniting the Personal Data Ecosystem Deep Dive Workshop April 7th in Palo Alto

Within the STL Partners/Telco 2.0 New Digital Economics event.

Link to the event page

This event brings together three different communities focused on this area:

Telco 2.0 – a conference and analysis offering by STLPartners for the last several years and is has key forward thinking leader of that industry participating

* The World Economic Forum recently released a report in this area Personal Data: An Emerging Asset Class and is promoting the event as a venue to make progress on the action items (see below)

* The Internet Identity Workshop / User-Centric Identity Community focused on emerging open standards, innovative startups and open source efforts. Along with the Personal Data Ecosystem Consortium that is coming together.  We have been tracking the industry on our wiki and there are over a dozen startups in the space and over a 1/2 dozen open source projects.  You can see all of the ones we know about on our wiki

You can see the notes from various sessions in the last several years at IIW. this year is sure to be even richer and deeper and building on this event a month before.

At the deep dive workshop the event will be facilitated by me and the agenda will be made live the day of the event.  It will be a rich and deep discussion and action planning meeting about making key aspects of the ecosystem real.

Their is a 20% discount – VIP946.  Along with prices for ” there are some ‘early bird’, ‘Independent Developer/Start-Up’ and ‘team’ discounts available.  See workshop & Register here

Like all the events that I run participation is more important then your ability to pay. If you feel like you have something to contribute and can’t afford it please contact me.

Speaking at Telco 2.0 ‘Best Practice Live!’

The folks at Telco 2.0 invited me to speak at Telco 2.0 ‘Best Practice Live!’ – a FREE virtual (online) event, 2-3 Feb – on New Business Model Case Studies, Use Cases and Strategies from around the globe

It is happening twice – once for those in Europe Wednesday, Feb 2 and once in America Thursday Feb 3. You can register for FREE here.

The aim of the event is to give players in the Telecoms, Media and Technology sector tangible examples of what they can do to enhance their business models, using rich, interactive virtual event technology to disseminate and discuss these practical ideas. It will include plenary sessions on the following key Telco 2.0 areas:

  • External Threats to the Telco Business Model,
  • New Broadband Business Models,
  • Cloud Services,
  • Digital Entertainment 2.0,
  • Personal Data 2.0,
  • Augmented Reality,
  • Enterprise 2.0,
  • M2M 2.0,
  • Mobile Money 2.0
  • The Roadmap to Telco 2.0.

View the agenda here.

My presentation will be broadcast at 1230 on Wednesday (GMT) and Thursday 12:30 (Pacific Time) and will be followed by a Q&A and discussion session. Other key industry speakers include:

  • Personal Data 2.0: Von Wright, VP Cloud & Wholesale, Mobility & Consumer Markets, AT8T
  • External Threats to the Telco Business Model: Paul Smith, Partner, Bain & Co
  • Personal Data 2.0: Eric Sachs, Product Manager, Security, Google
  • Personal Data 2.0: John Clippinger, Co-Director, The Law Lab, The Berkman Center for Internet & Society, Harvard
  • Digital Entertainment 2.0: Andrew Ground, Chief Commercial Officer, LOVEFiLM
  • Digital Entertainment 2.0: Gerry Guoy, Senior Director, Digital Media, MTV
  • Mobile Money 2.0: Roberto Rittes, General Manager, Oi Paggo, Oi
  • External Threats to the Telco Business Model: Chris Barraclough, Managing Director, Telco 2.0 Initiative
  • M2M 2.0: Philip Laidler, Consulting Director, Telco 2.0 Initiative
  • Enterprise 2.0: Roberto Saracco, Director of the Future Centre, Telecom Italia
  • M2M 2.0: Magnus Bakken, Head of Market Communication, Telenor Objects
  • Digital Entertainment 2.0: Rob Salter, Category Director, Entertainment, Tesco
  • New Broadband Business Models: Diego Massida, Director of Video & Connected Home,Vodafone
  • Personal Data 2.0: William Hoffman, Associate Director, World Economic Forum
  • New Broadband Business Models: Dennis Sverdlov, CEO, Yota

You will also have access to case study presentations and examples from those leading the way in business model innovation from around the world, including Amazon, AT&T, BT Wholesale, Deutsche Telekom, TELUS and Vodafone.

How does it work? Telco 2.0 Best Practice Live! is made up of short (10 minute) pre-recorded video presentations, which are then broadcast online at set times as part of the event. Online Q&A and discussion between participants follows afterwards. Attendees can also attend the online exhibition where they can visit sponsors’ stands and download research, white papers and product information.

The event is broadcast to 2 timezones, as below and is then available ‘on-demand’ afterwards for 3 months:

· 2nd February (EMEA – 0900-1500 GMT)
· 3rd February (Americas – 0900-1500 Pacific Time)

If you want to contact the Telco 2.0 initiative to find out more or discuss your involvement in the next Best Practice Live! you can contact them here:

Register for FREE here.For more information visit the event

IIW #11 in a Week

IIW begins in a week on Tuesday November 2nd. Election Day in the US (if you can vote we want you to remember to do that before leaving for IIW)

We are really excited about all the attendee’s who are registered so far. The list is diverse and interesting and includes, independents, startups, students and people from big companies. I encourage you to browse it at on the bottom of our registration page

We have one day tickets now available and regular registration ends Thursday at midnight. “IIW-Nov” is a discount code for 10% off that.

The emerging themes we have identified are reflected in the topics proposed on our wiki

  • User-Centric Identity applied (OpenID, OAuth, XRD, SAML, InfoCard, Activity Streams, etc.)
  • Personal Data Ecosystem
  • Federated Social Web
  • Vendor Relationship Management
  • Active Clients (tools in the browser and other clients)
  • Identity in the Cloud

We have Demo slots available for Wednesday after lunch.
There is more room for your project to share please let me know (kaliya[at] if you are interested in doing so. I need a name, link and 280 character description by Friday October 30th.  There are about 10 requests via registration.  Here is where the description will be posted once submitted.

Tuesday doors will open at 8AM for registration. Phil Windley will give the opening talk at 9am and we will begin agenda creation by 9:30. We will have 5 sessions per day. Dinner on Tuesday and Wednesday will be hosted and at local restaurants. You can find the schedule online. If you are wondering about how the unconference works please read this post on Kaliya’s unconference blog.

I pulled these from the topics wiki

Critical Topics to discuss with peers:

* I fear that Facebook Connect and Twitter Connect are the new AOL
* current and future business cases
* Need for web agent (browser) externsions. psuedonym, NSTC
* Understanding what has stabilized about protocols so we can standardize our partners on them
* Open Identity Trust Framework
* Future of authentication from a user perspective.
* What are the components of a personal data ecosystem? What rights and protections do we need to articulate in law and enforce through social norms?
* Best applications and issues for combining social information
* how do we want to represent identity in the OS/browser
* “all sorts of “”real world users”” issues and questions”
* How to make this stuff invisible
* “what are all stakeholder identity needs; what system “”metrics”” would help them”
* how/if their ideas apply when a domain name or IP address is the only identifier
* Where do we go from here?
* “How do we start the path to laws that give power to people over “”their data””
* What’s on the horizon, how are people bridging consumer & enterprise identity protocols, how does OAuth change things, what about Info Cards, etc., etc.
* zero password initiatives
* adoption of OpenID and OIX Trust Frameworks
* Personal data store interop
* “Multiple “”Identities”” and the requirement to be conscious of them”
* Full session life-cycle management
* UMA / Personal Datastore
* how to make this all user comprehensible

IIW-East Introduction

This was the presentation I shared for the opening of IIW-East it covers an overview of the history of the community and where we are going next. Mary Ruddy’s presentation on Open Identity for Open Government followed this.

IIW-East Introduction to Identity Community

Mary Ruddy presented about Open Identity for Open Government.

IIW-East opens Thursday

Phil and myself just got back from our walk through at the Josaphine Butler Parks Center where IIW-East opens tomorrow.  He shot some photos of it (outside) (inside)

We are doing our first Internet Identity Workshop outside of the Bay Area and our first with a theme – Open Identity for Open Governmnet.

We have over 75 people attending from around the world – you can see the names at the bottom of the registration page.

The proposed topics shared so far as attendees register can be seen here on the wiki. They are amazingly diverse and center around key issues about policy, standards, legal frameworks and the path forward for those who care about creating an identity layer/infrastructure/platform that really works for people.

The actual agenda will be created tomorrow morning at 10 am following an introductory talk by Kaliya Young Hamlin and Mary Rudy at 9am.  We will make the agenda for Friday at 9am that day.

Personally I am passionate about the conversations that will be happening about personal data stores and their evolution.

Privacy Identity and Innovation – pii & Women

The Privacy Identity and Innovation is coming up August 17-19th in Seattle, Washington.

This conference is the brain child of Natalie Fonseca who has run the Tech Policy Summit for several years.

I am speaking at the event on a panel about personal data stores (a new project I will write more about here soon).  I am really proud to be amongst many other women industry leaders speaking. I know Natalie took proactive approach to recruiting women to speak and voila – their are women speakers at this technology conference.

Denise Tayloe, CEO of Privo
Marie Alexander, CEO of Quova
Linda Criddle, CEO of Reputation Share
Fran Maier, President of TRUSTe
Anne Toth, Chief Privacy Officer for Yahoo
Michelle Dennedy, VP at Oracle
Judith Spencer of GSA
Christine Lemke, CTO of Sense Networks
Betsy Masiello of Google
Heather West of Center for Democracy and Technology
Eve Maler of PayPal
Susan Lyon of Perkins Coie
Deborah Estrin of UCLA

It should be a great event – the guys on the program are equally cool.

Internet Identity Workshop in DC

The Internet Identity Workshop is coming to the east coast for the first time – September 9-10, 2010 in Washington DC.

The theme for the event is Open Identity for Open Government. You can learn more about the event on the IIW website and register over on this site.

Internet Identity Workshop comes to DC!

Theme: Open Identity for Open Government.

Register Here!

Internet Identity Workshop East (IIW-East) is September 9-10, 2010 in Washington DC  at the Josaphine Buttler Parks Center.  This event immediately follows the Gov 2.0 Summit.

The Internet Identity Workshop has been held semi-annually in California since the Fall of 2005. The 10th IIW was held this past May and had the largest attendance thus far. There have been many requests to have an IIW on the East coast, and now the Open Identity for Open Government Initiative is providing a timely incentive to have one in Washington.

IIWs focus is on “user-centric identity”, addressing the technical and adoption challenge of how people can manage their own identity across the range of websites, services, companies, government agencies and organizations with which they interact. IIW-East will focus mainly on the government adoption of open identity technologies for use by government websites.

Unlike other identity conferences, IIW’s focus on the use of identity management approaches based on open standards that are privacy protecting. IIW is a unique blend of technology and policy discussions where everyone from a diverse range of projects doing the real-work of making this vision happen are able to gather to work intensively for two days. It is the best place to meet and participate with all the key people and projects such as:
  • OpenID
  • IMI Information Cards
  • GSA approved schemas for open identity protocols
  • Personal Data Stores
  • NIH pilot adoption of Open Identity technologies
  • Certification of industry open identity credentials
  • Business models for higher LOA open identity credentials
  • National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace

The event has a unique format – the agenda is created live the day of the event. This allows for the discussion of key issues, projects and a lot of interactive opportunities with key industry leaders.

The event compiles a book of proceedings with the notes that are gathered from the conference. You can find the Book of Proceedings for IIW7IIW8,  IIW9IIW10 here. BTW these FOUR documents are your key to convincing your employer that this event will be valuable. As attendees register we ask about topics they wish to discuss.

Providing identity services between the general public and government websites is a different problem than providing authentication and authorization services within one or a few organizations (enterprise provisioning/termination or federation between two companies or government agencies).

As a community we are exploring these kinds of issues:

Questions Agencies Face:

  • How can open identity technologies enable open government
  • How can agencies leverage identity credentials generated by other organizations
  • How can the government  leverage the efforts of social networking sites that offer user-centric identity credentials
  • What are the advantages to agencies of adopting open identity technologies
  • How can open identity technologies enable your websites to move beyond brochure-ware
  • How can we increase the speed in which government organizations can benefit from the use of open identity approaches
  • How to manage Federated Identity on an ever increasing scale
  • What are the implications of National Strategy for existing policy mandates
  • Should there be integrated political architecture
  • There are five distinct Cyber Security Bills in Congress now – what are the implications

Policy  Considerations:

  • The relationship between FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standards) and identity management
  • What are the business cases for agencies to adopt Open Identity Technologies
  • What are the new legal constructs that make this work
  • How to use open identity technologies to preserve privacy while providing personalization
  • GSA standards for the use of open identity technology
  • Data Privacy Issues
  • Personal Data – how is it stored and shared with end users
  • How are these new approaches regulated

Technical Issues:

  • Open identity standards (identity and semantic)
  • What software is available to leverage open identity standards
  • How different standards and technical implementations interoperate
  • How agencies can accept identity credentials generated by other organizations
  • How open identity technologies can enable your website to move beyond brochure ware, without using cookies
  • How to leverage open identity technologies in your technology roadmap
  • How to implement Federal Identity
  • Tecnlogy issues involved in implementing existing Identity Management technology
  • Lessons learned – what are the most effective ways for Federal Agencies to build and employ identity systems

New Industry Developments:

  • Personal Data Stores/Data Banks with our digital footprints recorded
  • What new Identity Management technologies are on the horizon
  • National strategy for trusted identities in Cyberspace

Please join us at the Internet Identity Workshop

To consider all these and more!

It is the best place to meet and participate with all the key people and projects such as:

  • OpenID
  • IMI Information Cards
  • GSA approved schemas for open identity protocols
  • Personal Data Stores
  • NIH pilot adoption of Open Identity technologies
  • Certification of industry open identity credentials
  • Business models for higher LOA open identity credentials
  • National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace

IIW Date Shift – May 17-19

It turns out Google I/O is the week of IIW.  We found out too late to shift weeks but early enough to shift days to only conflict 1 day (the 19th).  Please mark your calendars accordingly.

Early Bird Registration is in effect for another month. Sponsorships and “big tickets” (for those who can expense a higher ticket price but can’t get actual “sponsorship budget”) are still available.

ID-Legal – Mapping the Gap – Bridging Commumities

Next month we are hosting a gathering called Map the Gaps. It came out of a session I ran several IIW’s ago asking the question what if there was a “Legal-IIW” the intent was always to cross communities and connect activities already in this area.  The intent from the beginning was to connect with and work with PPEG at Liberty Alliance. I am happy to be working with Robin from Kantara who ran the PPEG group at Liberty Alliance. Lucy from the Internet Society has been a real champion of the event.

We are threading the needle of size and accessability. Our intent is to make as much as possible about the conversation public and report out.  We also know that the energy is really different with 20-30 people vs. 100.   We are seeking interest particularly from technologist who are interested in understanding how Lawyers think and how different aspects of law are going to end up impacting the technologies they build and how those technologies will change the law.

You can see the matrices we are looking to fill in here on the ID-Commons wiki.

Here is the invitation and this is a link to express interest in attending.

Identity Commons and The Kantara Initiative
present an identity workshop and symposium to
“Map the Gaps”
Sponsored by the Internet Society.
March 18th-19th, 2010, Washington DC

The event will be attended by representatives of the diverse identity communities to help “Map the Gaps” that currently exist between the policy/legal and technology views of digital identity and online privacy.

The intention of the “mapping” exercise is to benefit the overall identity community by cataloguing and examining the characteristics and approaches of various online identity-related technical and legal initiatives, so that they can be applied to find common ground to integrate the research and development initiatives in the identity space.

The infrastructure for online identity continues to evolve, and increasingly raises social and privacy questions which are large, complex, and cannot be solved either by technology alone, or by a “single-stakeholder” approach.

While technologists and lawyers have worked separately in the past, identity technologies are now bringing people together in ways that are so intimate and far-reaching that they change both the way humans relate to technology, and the technologically-mediated ways humans relate to each other. Many of those technologically-mediated interactions are the subject of various established laws, which must now be reviewed in the light of this evolution: the technology cannot properly develop without legal guidance and vice versa.

This effort will depend upon the identification and creation of common concepts, language and paradigms to guide future development in the area.  Our aim is to bring technologists and legal and policy professionals together, establish a common understanding of each other’s domains, and map out the gaps which subsequent work would aim to bridge.

The “Map the Gaps” event will provide participants with a forum to contribute various perspectives on identity-related themes, the output of which may be coordinated with American Bar Association events as well as within working groups at ID Commons and the Kantara Initiative.

Due to limited space, the event is being held by invitation only.  There are, however, other ways to participate in this important work, including submitting written materials for inclusion in symposium online materials.

In order to assure that the broadest possible representation of interests is achieved to inform the work that will take place at the symposium, all submitted papers will be made available to attendees and others on the Identity Commons and Kantara symposium-related websites.

Limited spaces have been reserved at the symposium for a few additional invitations to be extended to individuals and institutional representatives based on a review of submitted papers.  Additional invitations may be extended based on those papers that offer significant perspectives and insights that are perceived to be different than or complementary to those already represented by the existing symposium attendees.

Next steps:
The symposium will be interactive and participant-driven: we ask all persons who would like to attend the meeting as participants to contribute, in advance (and no later than February 28, 2010), a brief (250-500 words) position paper, analysis or other  description of an interesting or pressing problem they have encountered in this field.  Papers will be posted as noted above, and we will extend invitations for participation to the authors of those papers that satisfy the criteria indicated above.

To express interest in the “Map the Gaps” workshop and symposium:

Event Committee:

  • Scott David, K&L Gates LLC.
  • Lucy Lynch, Internet Society
  • Kaliya Hamlin, ID Commons
  • J. Trent Adams, Internet Society
  • Robin Wilton, Future Identity, Ltd.

IIW9 Highlights – IIW10 Reg Open

I am really pleased to share that the notes for IIW9 are available in PDF form now. All sessions also have a wiki page too.

Heidi Nobantu Saul did an amazing job collecting notes and we managed to get all session notes except a very few on the last day.

Highlights include:

The 10th Internet Identity Workshop is May 18-20.
Registration is Open Now and Extra Early Bird Rates are in effect until January 31.

Internet Identity Workshop Details + Regular Registration Ends Wednesday

This is cross posted on the IIW Blog

Regular Registration ENDS NEXT WEDNESDAY – October 28th at Midnight. Prices go up $100 after that.

The Internet Identity Workshop #9 Tuesday – Thursday, November 3-5 in Mountain View, CA Computer History Museum

Please blog/tweet about the conference. The hash tag is #iiw , our twitter handle is @idworkshop

Proposed Topics List is here. We all make the agenda together beginning at 1 on Tuesday and again on Wednesday and Thursday morning. If you want to know more about how to prepare for an unconference check out this piece called “unconferencing” by Kaliya Hamlin (@identitywoman) the facilitator of the workshop.

You can see the specific times of sessions.

Tuesday Morning Opening talks will cover: * The Identity Trust Framework activities – Drummond Reed and Don Thibeau * Data Portability releasing their EULA work * Action Cards – Phil Windley and Paul Trevithick * Discovery etc. – Eran Hammer-Lahav * Activity etc. – * A VRM update * We might cover activity happening in the healthcare sector * We are working on having Vivek Kundra the CIO of the US join us via skype – as yet this is unconfirmed.

They won’t cover – OpenID 101, Information Cards 101 or SAML 101 If you are unfamiliar with these topics we recommend reading these papers/watching these videos. There is a lot of information online covering these topics on the foundations/organizations respective websites.

OpenID OpenID video about it –

Information Cards Video –

SAML Video – Ping Identity on SAML 101

All together now – the Venn of Identity The paper – by Drummond and Eve the update – The Zen of Venn

Demo Hour: We still have Demonstration slots available you must sign up ahead of time to Demo. It is Wednesday after lunch short 5min demos will be happening throughout the hour – throughout the room. Please e-mail Kaliya[at] to get a table and more information about how it will work.

Food: I forgot to ask if there were any special dietary requirements. Please let me know if you have any – this is what we have in store for you.

Tuesday – Burrito Bar, Tied House Wednesday – Indian, Italian Thursday – BBQ Boys

Thank you to our Sponsors:

Without their contributions this conference would not be possible. (we still have sponsorship opportunities available)

<a href=””> <img src=””> </a>

About the Notes Taking Procedures: In our effort to document the whole confernece and give all attendees access to all the happenings in sessions we have a notes taking procedure:

If you convene a session it is your responsibility to get a note taker for your session.

The note taker needs to use the NOTE TAKING FORMfound here in digital form (the paper version will be avaliable in each break out space too). When notes are complete, the note taking form must be e-mailed to OR transfered to a USB key at Documentation Center OR if paper notes are taken transcribed by the notes taker on computers provided in Documentation Center

We will also be collecting a more immediate list of results from each session on 11×17 sheets.

We are looking forward to seeing you next Tuesday!

let us know if you have any other questions,

-Kaliya, Phil and Doc