RSA Dinner for the Identity Community

There are a few events on the yearly calendar where a corum of identity folks come together – RSA is one of them.

We are organizing an informal community Dinner on Tuesday evening at 7pm.

Everyone is WELCOME! just RSVP here on eventbrite. It will be no-host but not that expensive. We are looking at Indian places near the main hotel cluster for RSA.

The hosted Ping Party will follow at a location TBD.

If you were ever a part of or are interested in knowing more about the Identity Gang, OpenID, Information Cards, Higgins, Project VRM, PubSubHubbub, Salmon, XRD, LRDD, XRI, XDI, Volunteered Personal Information, UMA, Kantara, DiSo, Open Social, augmented browsing,  end user focused proctols for individual and community empowerment  this event is for you.

Identity Dinner Seattle – Tuesday 24th

For those of you following me on Twitter I have been on quite a road trip the last two weeks. It continues – today I am headed to Portland where I will be participating in Recent Changes Camp (a wiki unconfernece) and then I will be heading to Seattle for a few days.

While there I am organizing an Identity Dinner – this time not a pot luck and hopefully it will not be snowed in either.

It will be in Bellevue (we will figure out exactly where by Saturday) on Tuesday at 6:30 for drinks and dinner at 7 – this give Seattle proper folks a chance to get there in less difficult traffic.

Please RSVP on the evnetbrite site.

Dinners Next week in Boston and NYC

I am heading out to the east coast tomorrow. I thought while I was there it would be fun to have dinner with the Boston and NYC identity community folks.

We have set up an free EventBrite to just RSVP for the dinners.

Boston, Monday Feb 9th at Mifune in Arlington, drinks at 6:30 dinner at 7:00.

NYC, Thursday Feb 12th at Katz’s Deli - drinks at 6:30 dinner at 7:00

We will likely do a round of introductions – just so people know who each other and basically talk, network and have a good time. Lots is going on in the community so it will be good to share information amongst different efforts. I think that as travel budget’s shink taking advantage of when people are in different people are in town to connect.

I will also be in DC on Feb 17-18 and maybe could do a lunch or a breakfast on the 18th. Let me know.

Dinner for RSA Wed Apr 9th @ 7:30

We are organizing an Identity Commons community Dinner on April 9th beginning at 7:30 for drinks – dinner at 8:00. The location will be the same as last year Sauce at 131 Gough (a sort cab ride from Moscone). This is a great place – wonderful wine, good food at reasonable prices. We have the whole back room reserved (up to 40 people).

Please RSVP on the Identity Gang Wiki. If you can’t do that for some reason you can e-mail me kaliya *(At)