Digital Identity -> Sculpture

My friend Cameron Hunt sent me a link to this AMAZING site this morning.

IDENTITÄT: the »Gestalt « of digital identity

From the far end of the Concept page:

The goal of the project was not to create a readable data sculpture of someone’s digital life, but to express how an analogue snapshot of complex dig­ital identities can be presented. Based on four de­fined cri­te­ria all sculp­tures had to be compa­ra­ble in their form, size and ex­pres­sion. Af­ter generating those sculp­tures based upon the particles only, we added time as an under­lying factor. The particle system, which rep­resents a persons inter­ests, spreads in space until it is bal­anced. The speed of this expan­sion, the thickness of the cre­ated hull and the starting point of the drawing process is connected to the factors age, activ­ity and communication behav­ior.

This system leads to an embod­i­ment for the final ~Gestalt of dig­ital identity. A still life of an ongo­ing process about re­defining and dec­orating. This dynam­ic process of dig­ital »day life« is cap­tured in our person­al interpretation of the dig­ital identity as an amorp­hous sculp­ture.
The Process Page says more about how they did it.

Because she Owns Her Image

This is quite an interesting case and highlights a flaw that can occur when people who use Creative Commons work.

A Texas family has sued Creative Commons after their teenaged daughter’s photo was used in an ad campaign for Virgin Mobile Australia. The photo had been taken by the girl’s youth counselor, who put it on Flickr, and chose a CC Attribution license, which allows for commercial use. Virgin did, in fact, attribute the photo to the photographer, fulfilling the terms of the license, but the family is still suing Virgin Mobile Australia and Creative Commons.

The photographer can license the work under CC (for comercial or non-comercial purposes) but that does not mean that the person in the photo has licensed their image to be used.

They should not be suing CC but instead Virgin Mobile because they failed to get permission from her to use her image.

I actually had this happen to me. An image was taken of me at HollyHock and the next year I went to the site to check out their programs I found out I was their new poster girl. I would have given them permission to use my image had they asked but they didn’t.