User-Centric Identity is far from Dead – It is just getting started

A week ago Johannes wrote a post about how User-Centric Identity was dead. I totally disagree. All of the technologies that were in the mix at the beginning of the community in 2005-6 that he lists are “dead” but many innovations that have come out of the community are very much alive and new efforts that go “beyond identity” and include personal data.

I knew that the founding technologies described as fulfilling the vision of user-centric ID were dead – this was the case when the word on the street after the MIT-ISOC-W3C workshop in early December was “OpenID and Information Cards as we know them are dead” because focus and attention moving towards Webfinger and Identity in the Browser (or other agents).

I have presented about user-centric ID to executives several times this year; when I do mention OpenID and Information Cards as a starting point for potential technologies that realize some aspects of the goal of user-centric identity and how they represent two different kinds of doing identity IDENTIFIER & CLAIMS based. However, I quickly shift to talking about the issues surrounding their adoption failures and move on to discuss successful technologies OAuth and XRD.

I often call XRD the most successful technology coming out of the community. It evolved with the hard work of Eran Hammer-Lahav within the XRI technical committee at OASIS.  Yadis (yet another distributed identity system – the interim name that soon became OpenIDv2) found that XRI had a discovery format called XRDS and chose to use it – then it was found to be to complicated so Eran proposed XRD-Simple, this then became XRD and was standardized as its own specification.

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Igniting the Personal Data Ecosystem Deep Dive Workshop, April 7th in Palo Alto

Igniting the Personal Data Ecosystem Deep Dive Workshop April 7th in Palo Alto

Within the STL Partners/Telco 2.0 New Digital Economics event.

Link to the event page

This event brings together three different communities focused on this area:

Telco 2.0 – a conference and analysis offering by STLPartners for the last several years and is has key forward thinking leader of that industry participating

* The World Economic Forum recently released a report in this area Personal Data: An Emerging Asset Class and is promoting the event as a venue to make progress on the action items (see below)

* The Internet Identity Workshop / User-Centric Identity Community focused on emerging open standards, innovative startups and open source efforts. Along with the Personal Data Ecosystem Consortium that is coming together.  We have been tracking the industry on our wiki and there are over a dozen startups in the space and over a 1/2 dozen open source projects.  You can see all of the ones we know about on our wiki

You can see the notes from various sessions in the last several years at IIW. this year is sure to be even richer and deeper and building on this event a month before.

At the deep dive workshop the event will be facilitated by me and the agenda will be made live the day of the event.  It will be a rich and deep discussion and action planning meeting about making key aspects of the ecosystem real.

Their is a 20% discount – VIP946.  Along with prices for ” there are some ‘early bird’, ‘Independent Developer/Start-Up’ and ‘team’ discounts available.  See workshop & Register here

Like all the events that I run participation is more important then your ability to pay. If you feel like you have something to contribute and can’t afford it please contact me.