Personal Data Ecosystem, FTC and Commerce Dept. Responses

I worked hard with the chair of our board Mary Hodder on our responses to the Commerce Deparment Privacy Green Paper and the Federal Trade Commission White Paper on “Do Not TracK”.

They outline in detail our worldview and put forward the third way a personal data ecosystem – not stalking as usual and not do track which throws out all the value in the ecosystem. First articulated in the speech that I gave at the Digital Privacy Forum in NYC in January that is now on C-SPAN.

* Here is our Commerce Department Response.

* Here is our Federal Trade Commission Response.

The guys at Opus Research did a Summary of our Response.

No Plancast you can’t have all my Dataz

You know I like social media tools and enjoy using them to share information.

I am also very conscious of the implications of doing so and how public things are when I do. I manage my public persona – the parts of myself that I share publicly on the web associated with my professional work and personal passion – User-Centric Digital Identity.

Today I saw a friend share via Facebook that they were attending a cool panel at SXSW – Demystifying Online Privacy and Empowering the Digital Self

I went over to Plancast where it was listed and also signaled that I would be attending THEN it asked me if I would like to share via Facebook. “sure” I think that makes sense – I learned about it there why not, it is part of my professional public life online.

So then the Terms of Use show up…and you know they are just too extensive. Why to post that I AM going to one event must I give all this information away. It is also a go-no-go proposition. I can’t “Uncheck” things I don’t want to let plancast do. THIS IS really broken. It needs to be fixed. I need to be able to use applications AND have control over how much they can do with my data and how much freedom they have to post.

I ONLY want to give them permission to post this one item…maybe in time I might trust them enough to have full access but that will come in time as I grow to know their service and trust their business practices.

Plancast is requesting permission to do the following:
Access my basic information
Includes name, profile picture, gender, networks, user ID, list of friends, and any other information I’ve shared with everyone.
Send me email
Plancast may email me directly at ·
Post to my Wall
Plancast may post status messages, notes, photos, and videos to my Wall

Access my data any time


Plancast may access my data when I’m not using the application
Access my profile information
About Me, Events, Current City and Website

Companies in the Personal Data Ecosystem Space

Update: The Personal Data Ecosystem Startup Circle is full of amazing companies.

Today at the Round Table on Do Not Track people were asking me what all the startups in the space are. For expedience a lot of the descriptions are drawn from the companies own websites. We will work on keeping this updated and write better descriptions in the coming week.

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