ID Collaboration Day

RSA is coming up in February and to celebrate Valentines Day Kantara and IIW/ID Commons are collaborating to put on a day of unconferencing to get work done across the user-centric, enterprise and government Identity efforts.

Because of the nature of the Monday of RSA with morning and afternoon activities – we are offering Morning and Afternoon tickets ad will make the agenda following lunch for the afternoon.

You can see the topics proposed so far here on the IIW wiki.

Here is the Announcement on the IIW Site

Cartoon of the year!

Infocards, while currently not enjoying broad adoption, are inevitable
Paul Madsen Cartoon

When I first saw this cartoon in my aggregator it made me laugh and sigh.

At the privacy event at MIT at the beginning of this month the word on the street was that both OpenID as we know it and information cards as we know it are both “dead”.

I am a bit afraid for naming this “whispered fact” in the public blogosphere. The reason I am doing it is because I am very interested in learning more from people who were at the event about what was covered and what they think is promising.

I do know that there is energy behind moving OpenID ABC forward and John Bradley & Nat Sakimura are working hard on it.