The Emerging Personal Data Ecosystem

This week I am heading to Telco 2.0 because the conversations with telco’s about how they participate in the Personal Data Ecosystem are moving forward in interesting ways.   IIW #10 had several long sessions about the topic. IIW-East was full with each of the 8  time slots having a session about different aspects and IIW-Europe October 11th coincided with the announcement of the first community prototype personal data stores by MyDex.

Learning from one of the mistakes of the past – market confusion inhibiting understanding and adoption of user centric identity technologies. The Personal Data Ecosystem is going to be a “front door” for those seeking to understand the ecosystem overall with a simple message and clear picture of what is happening. It will also connect people to the community working on the aspect of the ecosystem relevant to them. Our focus is on developing the  core communities needed for success and fostring communication amongst them.  These communities include  end users, large personal data service providers, companies providing data to personal data services, developers and startups leveraging this new ecosystem, regulators and advocacy groups along with the legal community and their efforts to create the legal frameworks needed to really protect people.

We arleady have a number of projects working on key aspects around the ecosystem and we will support their success linking them together – Project VRM, ID-Legal, Project Nori, Higgins-Project, Project Danube, and IIW (they are linked at the bottom of the Personal Data Ecosystem site),   This is a big tent ANY OTHER projects that are related are welcome.  We don’t need another dot org to link efforts togethers so PDE is going to be chartered as part of IC3 (Identity Commons).

Right now the Personal Data Ecosystem site is aggregating content from blogs of those covering and building in the space.   This week we will be doing our first Podcast covering this emerging industry – Aldo Casteneda who you may remember from The Story of Digital Identity will be hosting it with me.

Next week we will be able to collect links submitted via delicious for the blog. I am working with the fabulous Sarah Dopp on website strategy and online community development and Van Riper is working with me on community management.

IIW coming up in a week is going to be a core community gathering for emerging developments.

IIW #11 in a Week

IIW begins in a week on Tuesday November 2nd. Election Day in the US (if you can vote we want you to remember to do that before leaving for IIW)

We are really excited about all the attendee’s who are registered so far. The list is diverse and interesting and includes, independents, startups, students and people from big companies. I encourage you to browse it at on the bottom of our registration page

We have one day tickets now available and regular registration ends Thursday at midnight. “IIW-Nov” is a discount code for 10% off that.

The emerging themes we have identified are reflected in the topics proposed on our wiki

  • User-Centric Identity applied (OpenID, OAuth, XRD, SAML, InfoCard, Activity Streams, etc.)
  • Personal Data Ecosystem
  • Federated Social Web
  • Vendor Relationship Management
  • Active Clients (tools in the browser and other clients)
  • Identity in the Cloud

We have Demo slots available for Wednesday after lunch.
There is more room for your project to share please let me know (kaliya[at] if you are interested in doing so. I need a name, link and 280 character description by Friday October 30th.  There are about 10 requests via registration.  Here is where the description will be posted once submitted.

Tuesday doors will open at 8AM for registration. Phil Windley will give the opening talk at 9am and we will begin agenda creation by 9:30. We will have 5 sessions per day. Dinner on Tuesday and Wednesday will be hosted and at local restaurants. You can find the schedule online. If you are wondering about how the unconference works please read this post on Kaliya’s unconference blog.

I pulled these from the topics wiki

Critical Topics to discuss with peers:

* I fear that Facebook Connect and Twitter Connect are the new AOL
* current and future business cases
* Need for web agent (browser) externsions. psuedonym, NSTC
* Understanding what has stabilized about protocols so we can standardize our partners on them
* Open Identity Trust Framework
* Future of authentication from a user perspective.
* What are the components of a personal data ecosystem? What rights and protections do we need to articulate in law and enforce through social norms?
* Best applications and issues for combining social information
* how do we want to represent identity in the OS/browser
* “all sorts of “”real world users”” issues and questions”
* How to make this stuff invisible
* “what are all stakeholder identity needs; what system “”metrics”” would help them”
* how/if their ideas apply when a domain name or IP address is the only identifier
* Where do we go from here?
* “How do we start the path to laws that give power to people over “”their data””
* What’s on the horizon, how are people bridging consumer & enterprise identity protocols, how does OAuth change things, what about Info Cards, etc., etc.
* zero password initiatives
* adoption of OpenID and OIX Trust Frameworks
* Personal data store interop
* “Multiple “”Identities”” and the requirement to be conscious of them”
* Full session life-cycle management
* UMA / Personal Datastore
* how to make this all user comprehensible