Digital Tatoo’s

One of the women coming to She’s Geeky pointed me to this article that she wrote about Digital Tatoo’s. I think it is a good metaphor for all the stuff we put out there online particularly when we are younger. Interestingly although I was “on” the internet from 1995 when I started college I never had any web presence until 2001 when I did my first ever public talk that ended up on the web. By then I was ready for my web identity to be formed but up until then I was quite conscious of not talking in any public forums or posting things online.

It is a good read and highlights where her thinking went after reading Clay Shriky’s Gin, Television and Social Surplus (I haven’t read it I heard him talk about it on a podcast).

On a more serious note, the generation coming up now is the first one to have the ability to publicly record whatever they feel like recording. While this is wonderful, it also gives me pause. This upcoming generation will be the first to cut it’s teeth on this issue and frankly I don’t envy them. There are a few things (aw come on, we all have ‘em) that I might have written about, or been passionate about at 18 that I might not want publicly available at 35, or 50. Much of our growth as people and thinkers comes from trying out new ideas and making some mistakes. For most of us, this growth is preserved only in the memories of those close to us, or in letters, and diaries boxed up in the garage. What we publish digitally though is again like a tattoo, it sticks around, publicly, forever. There is a reason most of us are discouraged from getting tattoos until we reach adulthood. The tattoo of our favorite cartoon character might have been awesome at 19, but not so awesome later.

I hope that the web encourages a plethora of public thought and expression. It also behooves us to have an awareness of the public nature and longevity of what we put out there lest we are left with the digital equivalent of that tattoo we thought we wanted, but didn’t.

Pete and Mark been at MSFT for over a year

Kim finally wrote about to “recentabout a year ago hires of MSFT of Pete Rowley and Mark Wahl. They attended RSA last year both with MSFT on their badges and both had moved their families to the Seattle area which to mean meant MSFT was serious about hiring smart good people to work on their identity products. Neither would talk about what projects they were working on though – it is nice to finally know know.

Pete is “working on evolving the Identity Lifecycle Manager (ILM)”. Ironically enough Pete’s blog was called Open Pete Rowley but he hasn’t bloged since RSA last year.

“Mark is now applying his creativity to evolving the vision, roadmap and architecture for the convergence of identity and security lifecycle management products”

The Facebook Borg are coming.

In case you are wondering about the Facebook’s intentions just read this from their developer blog:

Our goal is to help people share information and connect with the people they know all over the Web. Our strategy is to become the most effective way for every developer or publisher to spread their site and create engagement. Right now there are already more than a thousand sites using Connect, and by the end of the year that number should approach the number of Platform applications.

I think we have to think about how these things that people want with open standards across platforms.
* to connect to friends.
* to have relevant context (which facebook doesn’t have)
* to support community organizers (a post is coming on this soon how lame the whole situation with different people on different lists and duplicated all over the place – e-mails lists from this year, last year and facebook RSVP’s).
* to share things with others.

I do worry though – about the long term. ALL college kids are in this platform – to not be in it is social suicide. From the Daily Californian August 21-24, 2008 Everything you wanted to know about berkeley but were afraid to ask freshman issue.

So is an open mind the only thing you need for a good time at Cal? Nope. You need Facebook or else you’re a looser. Perhaps the best thing to ever happen to college, Facebook is the panacea for all social problems at Cal. Berkeley students are only as valuable as the number of Facebook friends and wall posts. People might dismiss Facebook as a petty distraction, but you can do some serious bonding over wall posts, tagged photos and profiles. I’m sure we’ve all had a friend ask “Oh my God! Did you see what she wrote on my wall?” I can honestly say Facebook has mad Cal more dynamic and exciting. So use Facebook…and use it a lot.

Been tweeting for a year now

It is hard to believe but yes I have been tweeting for a year now. It was really two things that got me to try it – I was at a conference the value network cluster presenting about identity and bored out of my mind & Phil Windley talked about how it was helping his team connect and why he found it useful from a business perspective.

It is interesting to watch it grow and change. I basically agree with this article. Social Media “Experts” are the Cancer of Twitter (and Must Be Stopped) They are annoying and not “real”.

I wish that there were tools to pick who you pay attention to developed sooner and embedded in twitter. I now follow over 1000 people (Why you ask? well I opened up my twitter to the public and started following many of the people who followed me. I do it out of respect of listening to those listening to me – to get outside of my bubble of “only people I know”) and wish there was a way to pick out the 25 or so folks in the identity community that I know are blogging – just follow them. Yes you can do this in tweet deck I know but…I have to scroll through all 1000 people listed by handle (not name as displayed in my client). I think we should have a twitter aggregator just like we have a blog aggregator at planet identity. Then i could be sure to read all the tweets.

I think we are still witnessing the tip of the twitter iceburg.

Here is an amazing Data Flow presentation of tweets about the inauguration mapped in time and on a map of the world. (off topic but they have a cool map of the growth of Walmart too).