Big Annoucement: Information Card Foundation

This is the Information Card Foundation website. Charles Andres the ED of the foundation has been working hard getting it ready.

This announcement is really big news on several levels.
There are major internet players on board committed to cooperating together on this technology – as the founding corporate board members Novell, Oracle, Microsoft, Google, PayPal, Equifax. There are quite a few companies that are also launch members:

Arcot Systems,
A.T.E. Software,,
FuGen Solutions,
Fun Communications,
Parity Communications,
Ping Identity,
Wave Systems,

associate members
Fraunhofer Institute
Liberty Alliance;

The people in this community on the board are also really great and have met an talked with most of them myself.
Paul Trevithick,
Kim Cameron, (as a community member not MSFT’s rep)
Mary Ruddy,
Ben Laurie
Pamela Dingle
Patrick Harding
Drummond Reed
Andrew Hodgkinson (I haven’t met)
Axel Nenker (I haven’t met)
Mike Jones (as the MSFT board member)

This includes PayPal and Equifax who have been publicly involved with the user-centric identity efforts until now.

One of the issues with information cards will end-users actually adopt the client side code they need to make this work? And who will issue managed information cards.

PayPal has the ability to really drive client side adoption of card selectors and to be a managed card issuer.

It got coverage in the NYTimes. (Yhey spell Bob Blakley’s name wrong in it)

I found it frustrating they said these technologies were “like a drivers license”

The community has worked so hard on the Laws of Identity and the OECD paper with the Principles of Identity. Drivers Licenses seem like the wrong analogy to explain the technology and make people safe or excited about it. I don’t like being asked for my drivers license everywhere – it often gives away to much information. Oh well. I guess there is more explaining to do about how these systems can and should work to improve on how we do identity in the real world with drivers licenses.

At Burton Group Catalyst! Exciting week ahead.

This week I am diving back into Identity at Burton Group Catalyst Conference – I am writing you from the Federation workshop offered by Jerry and Doug. It has been just over a month since the Internet Identity Workshop. I am excited to be able to spend the week with all the fun smart folks working hard on user-centric identity here. Lots is happening we had the Information Card Foundation announcement today and I hear there are other announcements this week.

Bob issued a challenge at IIW about the languaging we have used to describe our community goals/activity – is user-centrism swinging the pendulum to far? I hope that this week some more clarity might emerge this week on what we might call our efforts. I am up for this even though it might mean I need to change my tag line “Saving the World with User-Centric Identity.”

Net Squared Talk about Identity

Last week I presented at the Net Squared Conference they have a focus on ‘remixing the web for social change’ – it was fun to be invited to speak at the event by the “Jon Steward Famous” Susan Tenby(she was on the show for her testimony in front of congress about her role as the head of the Nonprofit Commons in Second LIfe – in her testimony she said her Avatar name Gliteractitca Cookie – and well this fun identity fact was what got her on John Stewart).

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There was great live bloging coverage of my on the Net Squared blog posted by Brenda that you can read along with while you watch.