Six Appart Open Action Streaming

This morning I was pleasantly surprised to learn about this announcement from 6A. I actually had seen David (he mentioned he as hacking his site on twitter so I went and checked it out) working on it this past week but I thought it was a ‘personal hack’ rather then something that would ship.

Today, we’re shipping the next step in our vision of openness — the Action Streams plugin — an amazing new plugin for Movable Type 4.1 that lets you aggregate, control, and share your actions around the web. Now of course, there are some social networking services that have similar features, but if you’re using one of today’s hosted services to share your actions it’s quite possible that you’re giving up either control over your privacy, management of your identity or profile, or support for open standards. With the Action Streams plugin you keep control over the record of your actions on the web.

Newbies 4 Newbies First CALL

This past Internet Identity Workshop was great for a bunch of reasons – one was that we had this fabulous group of new people show up – who wanted to learn more and share how their experience could be better.

Currently, it takes initiative on the part of a new person to get up to speed. How do we provide resources to accelerate their efforts?
They formed a group called Newbies 4 Newbies that is sort of a club for new folks to help – new folks get oriented. They are going to develop and manage the Starting Points page – and ensure that it meets the needs of new folks. Within in a year folks will move on from being Newbies and others joining the community can take their place.

If you are a newbie to Identity (or some aspects of what we are doing this group is for you). Please feel free to join the call tomorrow at 1pm PST / 4 Eastern – here is the call in information and the agenda.

For those of you who would like to help newbies – They have come up with the concept of “Friendlies” those who have been in the community a while who wouldn’t mind helping the new folks get oriented to their particular area of expertise. If you would like to help out with this feel free to contact Cindy Spannhake or Dan Nelson and let them know the area you wouldn’t mind helping out with.

They are also very conscious that people are quite busy getting stuff done – the goal is help you contribute some of the key knowledge/resouces and then provide it for new people – so it isn’t just stuck in all the brains/blogs of all the people who have been doing this a while.

Leading a Peer-to-Peer Session at RSA

I was informed this weekend that my proposal for a peer-to-peer session at RSA was accepted.

User-Centric Identity and the Enterprise: Promise, Pitfalls and REALITY

This session will surface the issues holding back enterprise adoption of user-centric ID (OpenID, information cards, etc.). Is it a lack of perceived value? Is it the perceived immaturity of the technology? Is it the cost justification? Is it the perceived competition with federation or other enterprise projects already underway? What changes can be made to make them more consumable by the enterprise?

This will take place on Friday April 11 from 10:05 AM – 10:55 AM
The number of the session is: P2P-402A

If you are in the community and coming to RSA please sign up for this P2P session – should be fun.

There are some other user-centric related sessions happening at RSA:

Breaking the Identity Meta System.
Pamela Dingle
Wednesday, April 09 08:00 AM – RED ROOM 302

The user-centric identity community has been working together to prove identity metasystem interoperability for some time, but what happens when the intention is not to interoperate, but to defeat? This session will concentrate on research into abuse and error cases that component owners must be able to recover from gracefully in order to be robust and secure metasystem participants.

How Might OpenID Apply to an Enterprise?
by Yvonne Wilson and Rafat Alvi from SUN on
Tuesday, April 08 05:40 PM – RED ROOM 302

This session will explore applicability of OpenID to various types of enterprise activities. Considerations will be discussed such as security, trust, privacy, data needs and the extent to which OpenID might or might not meet the needs of certain situations.

After The Crash Tomorrow

Apparently the markets are going to crash tomorrow.

It should make for an interesting time at O’Reilly’s next conference Money:Tech – Where Web 2.0 meets Wall Street.

I have also been reading this week Fooled By Randomness. I very much enjoyed The Black Swan and would recommend both books.

The Crash is sort of depressing to think about – but so is the conventional money system that got us to this place in the first place. This weekend Raines shared this video about the Story of Stuff. Makes you think hard about the overall ecology of the system we are all living in.

Knowing that the economy was not doing so well I have been working with Chris Lindstrom on a conference that considers Money and value exchange in our economies.
It builds on a conference that Chris produced in 2004 about Local Currency (there are details about the topics covered in their Conference Report).

It will be an unconference about money. But not ‘regular money’ instead about these topics:

We are going to have a special focus on digital tools and systems for mutual credit creation, value measurement and wealth acknowledgment.

Because it is about money – but not just ‘regular’ money – we are calling it the unMoney Convergence. (we haven’t even got our logo up yet but I thought I would announce it given the forthcoming events of tomorrow) It will be in Seattleon April 14-16 following the Green Festival.

The unMoney unConference would have been a silly name.

Identity Commons Wiki Care and Feeding

The Identity Commons Wiki has pretty much all been moved over from the old to the new wiki. I did what I think are the last 6 major pages today.

There are a few that could use some attention from the community to improve their content.

What are the upcoming conferences this spring and summer that cover identity. Feel free to add past events – the ones you spoke at should be here.

There are no events in 2007 – which was an exciting year for identity. So if folks would like to contribute the stories they thought were big – just a few people entering one each would do.

It has papers related to concepts, principles and background related to user-centric identity along with Law Policy and Society. Please add papers that you use/know to be references for the field.

Johannes did a great job of pulling the landscape together
The Protocols Technology section needs some information in it (it is blank).

Thanks for taking the time to help out filling in the details – this is what helps outsiders figure out what is going on in this space.

Next week we will have our first Newbies 4 Newbies call. They will need these to be more complete to help develop the Starting Points page to help with orientation.