AOL Subscribers are Sue

This was reported by Komonews:

Three AOL subscribers who suddenly found records of their Internet searches widely distributed online are suing the company under privacy laws and are seeking an end to its retention of search-related data.

AOL ought to at least try to shut down those sites or block them from its own search engines. And he said the company should stop collecting such records and destroy any it already has.

AOL currently keeps data linked to specific subscribers for up to 30 days and other data, such as the search records released, for longer. Data retention is standard practice among Internet search engines, which use such information to refine their services.

Yet Another Conference with a Digital Identity Track

We have the Forthcoming ACM conference with a special day on November 3 on Digital Identity. I just found this annoucement from the Future of Identity in the Information Society (FIDIS) about a special track at the 22nd IFIP International Information Security Conference. The overall conference theme is new approaches for security, privacy and trust in complex environments. It is May 14-16 in South Africa.

Topics may include:

* Identity management
* Profiling and customer relation management
* Global management of identities
* Advanced identity documents
* RFID and other, tracking technologies
* Biometrics
* Surveillance
* ID related crime
* IT law for preventing Misuse
* Computer Forensics
* Privacy, anonymity and pseudonymity
* Multilateral Security
* Adequacy and Inadequacy of the Law
* Social, legal and ethical aspects of IT security