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Damian Conway’s killer parody presenation at oscon….the final animated slide.

This was the best presentation by being “the worst’ one ever. Damian made fun of bad presentations by putting everything bad into one big dooser. It made fun of Dick’s presentations on Sxip, r0ml, Kathy Sierra, Ruby on Rails, patents, pantent firms and was just hilarious.

OSCON 06 Day 5 – cxap is launched

Today opened with a great talk about the history of the IBM PC. Dave Bradley the advice I liked was ‘choose your partners carefully‘ and ‘small decisions may last forever‘ -he was talking about a 5 hour meeting with 3 people that created the character set that is now ‘the official standard.’

Technology trend spotting by Roger Magoulas the research director at O’Reilly was sort of interesting but why? What are the trends coming besides rails and ajax.
We had an ok presentation about a really important topic – hacking government by Carl Malamud.

The real danger that Tim O’Reilly highlights those who have the power to make the laws/regulations not understanding the realm in which they make those rools.

ITU world summit on information technology – for starters the ‘corspondent’ from O’Reilly could not get ‘press credentials to attend. WHAT! They were talking about Internet Governance and their are noises about another governance body for the web emerging by those ‘heads of state’.

Hack2: Get Standing Join the operation
He highlighted the Smithsonian – Showtime Network issue (they signed a 30 year exclusive agreement with the network limiting there ability to put content up in other forms.

Hack3: Be Governmnet
put more of what is happening in government online and support annotation – They are working on launching the Public Memory Trust starting with the Washington Bridge to have 18 hearings running simoltaniously online. There exit strategy – Make the Government Do it.

Hack4: Mirror the FCC

Hack5: Enforce ODF open document format

Hack6: Audit Validity (for disabilities)

Hack7: Rank by Bad Links (links on government pages are notoriously stale)

Hack8: Annotate Hearings

Hack9: Hold Hearings

Hack10: Map Spectrum
he said that only 2% of the spectrum is actually used and that we as the hacker community could map spectrum and make a case for opening up the spectrum our common resources.

Skills using for builing open source are citizenship skills for the common good. To resist private interest taking over government

OpenTalk 2.0 Maximizing non-stakeholder buy-in by leveraging departed Generic informaiton transfer protocols

Damian Conway gave an amazing presentation about OpenTalk 2.0 – cxap. This presentation was even better because on on day 0 of OSCON – sunday he gave a presentation on presentations to speakers. In this talk he basically in this presentation made fun of presentations and did everything you are not supposed to do in presentations….

Zak Greant’s summary -
Damien Conway’s is giving the funniest public whipping I have ever seen. He is simulatenously kicking the ass of Web 2.0, Sxip, patents, patent vulture firms, snake oil crypto, Microsoft, Google, r0ml and the rest of us all at the same time.

Great quotes include:

  • We have a patent on replacing the letter in a name with x, but still pronouncing it the same way.
  • Every time you read the name Microsoft, you will see a kitten. We call it “Pavlovian Marketing”
  • We thought that we might call it … firefly, fireangel, firebuffy. Then it became obvious – the new browser is called FireWhedon.

Idnetity at OSCON

For those of you joining identity folks – me, Doc Searls, David Recordon, Dick Hardt, Drummond Reed, Scott Kveton, Larry Drebes Dave Kearns, Scott Mace here at OSCON there will be a few opportunities to learn more about what we all have been up to.

1) At OSCAMP tomorrow the OpenID convergence folks plan on runing a session in the afternoon tomorrow approximately 1:30 – 3:00.

2) David Recordon has a session on Practical OpenID in OSCON proper on friday 10:45 – 11:30.

I am going to propose that we have a sheet at OSCAMP that says ask the identity folks a question so you can ‘ping us’ in meet space – while at OSCON. We can have more sessions during OSCamp on what you want to know about. I will list them here as I know about them.

Exciting week coming up….

This week in Vancouver is going to be great. It has started out fantastic so far:

Getting here: Brian and I flew up here on a $125 flight (it would normally be over $200 between SFO and Vancouver) that included a steak dinner with wine in economy class and the freedom to watch any one of 40 movies. It secret – Quantus Airlines. I recomend this new found strategy for getting around North America fly on International Airlines doing hops.

Vancouver Folk Music Festival: The festival is as old as I am :) and I went every year pretty much until I left for college in 1995. It feels so good to be back there. The music is lovely. The best performers last night were Dubblestandart a dub music group from Viena. They also had a very enjoyable Bhangra Celebration. Vancouver into embracing its Asianness as a city and this is another example of that. Here are flickr phots of the main stage etc.

It was also super interesting that federated labour, COPE, BC Nurses Union, BC Government Employees Union, BC Teachers Federation all had advertisements in the show brochure. Unions here are mainstream and middle class a fundamental part of the fabric of canadian life.

The one bad part was buying tickets online. The process was not clear and they didn’t send a follow up e-mail to confirm purchase. I had thought my first transaction did not go through so we bought tickets again. It turns out it had gone through – if they had sent confirmation e-mails I would have known.

Coming up:

Social Tech Brewing in Vancouver: Katrin Verclas the new Executive Director of NTEN (Nonprofit Technology Enterprise Network) will be in town and having a dinner. I am very glad that she is holding this ‘border-busting conversation‘.

Liberty Alliance Meetings: on Tuesday and Wednesday should be great to see what goes on in inside. I will be under NDA so I can’t really talk about it but I will be able to share a sense of what it is like energetically.

Identity Open Space: on Thursday and Friday is going to be fantastic. Lots of great folks are coming to participate. I am excited several friends are coming up from Seattle who work in Tech and Social good.

My Family: I am enjoying hanging out with my Aunt and will get to talk more with my cousin at a dinner they are putting together for his birthday. He is 14 and super super into World of Warcraft. He doesn’t like school. I hope we can talk to him about the computer industry and how he might make a living in it given his proclivity towards them.

5 Identity Sessions at MashupCamp

Johannes Earnst, David Recordon, John Clippinger, Jon Ramer and myself were all there.

Access Control for Federation.

Aggregating Profile Data
Identity, security, access control, social networking: there’s got to be (and there is) a better way than more user names and passwords

Access Controls Part 2
I-Card and Higgins (not posted on the wiki yet)