Drupal Developer and Business Meetup January 5th in SF

So we finally found a wiki to announce and organize this.
Please go there and RSVP – contribute to the Agenda.

Join us for a good community building meeting, address your technical challenges building in Drupal and connect to others building businesses based on the platform.

Doc just gave me this to read about Drupal (and every open source project including Linux the subject of the article).

Participatory Panopticon tracking the CIA’s Torture Taxi

I was thinking about the participatory panopticon concept the other day when reading this article in the local weekly paper about amateur plane spotters tracking the movements of the CIA planes around the world that are moving torture victims to of shore destinations. The cover story was ‘Torture Air’.

Jamais (the originator of the term participatory panopticon) has this article today about how Yahoo Research Labs have come closer to making it more real with face recognition.

Interent 2.0 – deep cultural consequences

I have been reading Sherry Turkles book Life on the Screen: Identity in the Age of the Internet. The ironic thing is that it was written in 1995 before the Web really took off and became mainstream. I am going to finish it over my retreat. So far she has gotten me to reflect on the nature of our relationship to machines and how children growing up relate to machines. She has been studying their interaction with them over several decades and in different cultural contexts. I am reminded her work when reading Internet 2.0: the economic, social and cultural consequences of the new Internet

There are 4 levels to this model.

Disintermediation, Long Tail – which are concepts in wide circulation already. When it gets interesting is around Reformation and Continuous Presence.

The Internet is a reformation machine. It will create new fundamentals of and for our world. It change the units of analysis and the relationships between them

I think it does a good job of articulating the challenge to the ‘shape’ of our cultural dynamic.

The reformation model says fundamental categories of our culture (particularly the self and the group and the terms with which we think about them) are changing…. This is a change in the basic terms of reference, the very internal blue print with which we understand and construct the world.

Continuous Presence
One way to assess innovations is to make a guess about where we are headed. I think our economic, social and cultural destination might be this: we will be continuously connected to all knowledge and all people with a minimum of friction, and priviledge will be measured, in part, by how good are the filters with which we make contact with all but only the people and knowledge we care about.

Rove Implicated in Santa Identity Leak

This headline gave me a big chuckle today on the news stand. I thought given the seriousness of what is going on in DC you also might enjoy reading this news just out from the The Onion (which is even cooler cause it is built on Drupal).

The recent leak revealing Santa Claus to be “your mommy and daddy” has been linked to President Bush’s senior political adviser and deputy chief of staff Karl Rove.

“If this devastating leak, which severely undermines the security of children everywhere and has compromised parent-child relations, came from the highest levels of the White House, that is an outrage,” said former Bush counterterrorism adviser and outspoken Bush Administration critic Richard Clarke.

The identity of the mythical holiday gift-giver, previously known only in grown-up circles, was published in the popular Timbertoes cartoon in the December issue of Highlights For Children. Jean Abrams, a conservative firebrand known to have close ties to Bush appointees in the Department of Education, revealed “Santa” to be a code name for anonymous parental gift-giving.