Open CMS Summit

The guys at Bryght (they are really bright) are organizing an Open CMS Summit in February. It is a great idea. (They have on their list of things to talk about ‘identity and authentication – in fact it is on the top of their list. RIGHT ON)

I would like to ad and expand on the list. These communities coming together are diverse and have a range of needs. It is not just ‘developers’ coming together to code together.

  • Small business owners who are building businesses based on these platforms. This community has needs to address real client needs that can sometimes be overlooked by the ‘core’ developers – I hope we can create a space for these real issues to be surfaced and action to be taken.
  • Individual developers who work on contract for a range of projects.
  • designers who have a skill set to build sites.
  • User experience people who have an enourmous amount to contribute (the FLOSS Usability sprints have gone a long way to addressing the wide gap between open source and usability.)
  • Project managers that pull teams together with a whole variety of skill sets.
  • Folks developing platform in specific niches that have real gifts to bring the community – remember that the margins are where the really interesting things.

Face time amongst this diverse groups needs to be used to

  • Develop vision about the platform – this will help the community develop consensus and confidence in the platforms survival
  • Listening to emerging needs that end users and communities using those platforms and weaving those into development roadmaps
  • Learning about usability and how to meet weave this into development roadmaps
  • Business models for businesses? how do we make money to eat, feed those who work for us and better yet THRIVE?
  • How do we share information about development we are working on? (a new module or feature that others might also need to develop)
  • What are the collaborative flows that really support the core development and meet their business goals.

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VocabWatch – Derrieregulation

There is some intense stuff happening over in telecommunications regulation land that has significant implications for the interent. Susan Crawford has been blogging on this extensively. (She is now a member of ICANN’s board so).

Bruce Kushnick, of Tele-the-truth, (said with at Brooklyn, Italian accent),
has come up with some new Vocab to describe what is going on.

The Telecom Act giveth and the FCC taken away. The definition of ‘deregulation’ is — those with the most amount of money and influence win!

Deregulation was ‘open the network to competition’. Now ‘deregulate the wires’ means deregulate the incumbent from previous laws to open the network to competition.

I think it’s time for some new terms.

Terminator-egulate — To kill previous regulation

Fib-erize — To continue to promise fiber optics to the press

Liaregulation or Sayanythingulation. — The uncommittment of
whatever you committed to

Derrieregulation — Sit on your ass, claiming you’re doing
everything in your power to compete.

Astroturegulation — Get 50 ethnic, hispanic, black, asian, Jewish,
Christian, Muslim, disabled, senior groups to claim you need new financial incentives and more deregulation.

Killeregulation — Death to VOIP, Munis, anything that moves.

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VocabWatch – Bliki

I haven’t done this in a while but i am going to start “Vocab Watching” again. Highlighting the crazy new words that get made to describe stuff in this ever changing world.

Bliki from Riffs

Bliki is a combination of two popular internet interfaces: blogs and wikis.

A blog is your online journal. A wiki is an application that allows users to modify any portion of a document. A Bliki is a combination of these two things—the community, including you, decides on the content for any given item, whose reviews are the best, what things or topics are the most important to riff about, and how those riffs should be organized and annotated.

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