Social Search at yahoo

Yahoo has this great post on Social Search. Guess what. it is a heck of a lot easier with Identity.

  • The trusted web Anyone can save, tag, and share knowledge with their community.
  • Personalized search My Web 2.0 is powered by Yahoo!’s new MyRank Search Technology, which provides personalized search results based on the shared knowledge of the people they trust.
  • Control over what is shared and with whom Each page saved and tagged can be shared with the world, just with friends and their friends, or kept private.
  • Structured tagging The internet is about much more than web pages – key dimensions like time and location can be as important as the content itself.
  • Open APIs – Through the use of My Web 2.0’s XML and RDF APIs , a whole host of new applications can be built – like what the folks in the Stanford University TAP project are working on.

Evolving self moderation

On Identity and privacy and self moderation. How digital identity and what persistence means over time.

Kids don’t expect privacy these days, they put everything up there. We are all aware that the computer doesn’t’ have the same kind of memory as humans have, it archives things whereas people forget. So what’s going to happen in 20 years when they are going on job interviews?

Lili: Self-moderation evolves over time. And it’s cultural, so different countries evolve differently.

Mena: There’s going to be a point where there are going to be more complex permissions, so you can control who sees what.

Amy Jo: When people get a phone for the first time, they get very excited about it, and they go through an arc. Start off over enthusiastic and then they moderate themselves. Same with social networks. So often opening everything up is often a phase, not somewhere people stay. And it’s a function on where you are in your life and what you are doing.